Faculty Books

Books by Fernando Arzola, Jr.
Evangelical Christian Education: Mid-Twentieth-Century Foundational Texts
Wipf & Stock, 2014

Evangelical Christian Education provides selected mid-twentieth century works which served as foundational texts in the development of modern Evangelical Christian education. This includes the works of Charles B. Eavey; Frank E. Gaebelein; Findley B. Edge; Lois E. LeBar; and Lawrence O. Richards.

Exploring Worship: Catholic, Evangelical, and Orthodox Perspectives
Fernando Arzola, Jr.
Wipf and Stock, 2011

Exploring Worship engages in a comparative study of Catholic, Evangelical, and Orthodox teachings on corporate worship and suggests classic practices that help deepen the understanding and experience of worship.

First Year Studies: Foundations for Excellence
Fernando Arzola Jr. and Denise Hirschlein
Tapestry Press, 2002

Specifically designed for First Year Students entering into the Nyack College Manhattan Campus and rooted in six unifying principles (Community Building, Academic Empowerment, Modern World Understanding, Personal Development, Urban Ministry and Spiritual Formation - CAMPUS), this text is a compilation of essays especially selected to assist students in their transition into a Christian liberal arts college located in the urban context.

Toward a Prophetic Youth Ministry:Theory and Praxis in Urban Context
Fernando Arzola Jr.
InterVarsity Press, 2007

Youth ministries in large cities have tended to settle onto one of three paths - a traditional paradigm, a liberal paradigm, and an activist paradigm. Arzola proposes a fourth way, a prophetic paradigm that cultivates young people who are spiritually rooted, emotionally mature and responsive to the needs of their community.

Books by James Danaher
Contemplative Prayer: A Theology for the Twenty-First Century
James P. Danaher
Cascade Publications, 2011

Theology generally offers us words that purport to give us a more precise and certain understanding of God, but the mystic has always known that our relationship to God transcends words and the kind of understanding that words produce. That is the ultimate purpose of contemplative prayer, and the purpose of this book is to offer a philosophy and theology of contemplative prayer in the twenty-first century."

Eyes that See, Ears that Hear: Perceiving Jesus in a Postmodern Context
James Danaher
Liguori, 2006

Our understanding of everything begins with the concepts we learned at our mother's knee. Since the vast majority of those concepts reflect the judgments and prejudices of our culture and language community, we need to rethink these concepts based upon the things that Jesus says and does. This is what it means to "take on the mind of Christ."

Jesus After Modernity: A Twenty-First-Century Critique of Our Modern Concept of Truth and the Truth of the Gospel
James P. Danaher
Pickwick Publications, 2011

Jesus After Modernity sets out to explore what it might mean for us to speak of the truth of the Gospel in a twenty-first century context.

Postmodern Christianity and the Reconstruction of the Christian Mind
James P. Danaher
Academica Press, 2001

The book is an attempt to reconsider some of the more important concepts at the base of our understanding of the Gospel. Since most of our concepts are the product of judgments made within our language communities there is a pressing need to reconstruct our concepts in order to get closer to Jesus' intentional meaning. The book offers a method and examples of how that can be done.

The Second Truth: A Brief Introduction to the Intellectual and Spiritual Journey that is Philosophy
Paragon House, 2014.

We are born into families, language communities, and cultures that provide us with an initial understanding (first truth) through which to interpret our experience. Civilization advances, however, because certain authentic individuals like Copernicus, Socrates, and Jesus pursued a better way (second truth) to conceptualize and interpret their experience. Eventually, we inherit filtered versions of their second truth as part of our initial understanding, but such an understanding originated out of a specific form of thinking known as philosophy.

Books by Jonathan Gates
Summer’s Lease Too Short A Date
Finishing Line Press, 2014

Gates' collection of poems invites readers to contemplate nature's rhythms in order to hear the joy amidst the passing hours of days and seasons.

Books by Denise Hirschlein
First Year Studies: Foundations for Excellence
Fernando Arzola Jr. and Denise Hirschlein
Tapestry Press, 2002

Specifically designed for First Year Students entering into the Nyack College Manhattan Campus and rooted in six unifying principles (Community Building, Academic Empowerment, Modern World Understanding, Personal Development, Urban Ministry and Spiritual Formation - CAMPUS), this text is a compilation of essays especially selected to assist students in their transition into a Christian liberal arts college located in the urban context.

Books by Stephen Maret
Introduction to Prenatal Psychology
Stephen Maret
Church Gate Books, 2009

This textbook covers the foundations of a relatively recent area of developmental psychology focusing on the 9 months prior to birth.

Mutual Caring: A Manual of Depth Pastoral Care
Frank Lake, Stephen Maret, Ed.
Emeth Press, 2008

This book is the third and final book in Frank Lake's Maternal-Fetal Distress Syndrome trilogy and presents a summary of his thoughts on a Christian prenatal psychology and theology.

The Prenatal Person: Frank Lake's Maternal-Fetal Distress Syndrome
Stephen Maret
University Press, 2001

This book presents a summary and critique of Frank Lake's Maternal-Fetal Distress Syndrome as a usable theory for understanding the foundations of personality development and malformation, along with a Christian therapeutic approach for addressing psychopathology of a prenatal origin.

Books by Bradley McDuffie
And The West Was Not So Far Away
Brad McDuffie
Des Hymnagistes Press, 2009

And The West Was Not So Far Away is Brad McDuffie's first book of poetry. The collection is divided into four sections which follow the western movement from Europe to California and explores the significance of the "West" in all of its various traditions and myths.

“An Art of 'Pure Sound Bound Through Symbols’: Ezra Pound's Tutelage of Ernest Hemingway” In Imagism: Essays on Its Initiation, Impact and Influence
UNO (University of New Orleans) Press, 2013



This essay explores Ezra Pound's influence on Hemingway during his formative years as a young writer living in Paris. It looks at some of the correspondance between the two writers and a critical analysis of how Pound's theories about the Imagiste poetry movement influenced Hemingway's approach to prose.

Teaching Salinger's Nine Stories
Bradley McDuffie
New Street Communications, 2011

In Teaching Salinger's Nine Stories, Brad McDuffie offers the first full-length study of J. D. Salinger's groundbreaking collection Nine Stories, providing a comprehensive analysis of the stories individually and collectively as a short story cycle. The second part of the book, "Nine Essays," contains essays by a number of eminent scholars, and helps to make it a great classroom companion and to move Salinger scholarship into the 21st Century.

Books by Larry Poston
“Islamic Da’wah and Christian Evangelism: The Problems and Prospects of Mutual Exclusivity” In Muslim American Life: Reflections and Perspectives, ed. Iqbal J. Unus,
University of Indianapolis Press, 2014

Classical Islam is “exclusivistic” in the sense that the followers of Muhammad teach that being an obedient Muslim is the only way to attain salvation and eternal life with God. But for most of its history, Christianity has also been exclusivistic, claiming that “no one who denies the Son has the Father…” (1 Jn. 2:23). Each of these religions, then, holds that salvation cannot be found in its competitor; they are thus “mutually exclusive.” This chapter describes the basis for the exclusivist convictions of each faith system and contains suggestions for resolving the problems that are almost certain to arise when adherents of the two religions meet.

Islamic Da'wah in the West: Muslim Missionary Activity and the Dynamics of Conversion to Islam
Larry Poston
Oxford University Press, 1992

This book explores the ways that Muslims have conducted missionary outreach through the centuries, emphasizing their outreach to Westerners in particular. The changeover from the original external-institutional strategy of the jihads to the more modern internal-personal strategy which is much more "evangelical" in form is described in depth.

The Changing Face of Islam in America: Understanding and Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor
Larry Poston
Horizon Books, 2000

This book provides readers with a street-level view of the agenda and teachings of American Muslims, evaluates the Islamic faith and practice from the perspective of evangelical Christianity, and motivates believers to become involved in enriching personal encounters with Muslim neighbors.

Books by James Romaine
Art as Spiritual Perception: Essays in Honor of E. John Walford
Crossway, 2012

This reader examines everything from sixth-century icons to contemporary art from a Christian perspective.

Objects of Grace: Conversations on Creativity and Faith
James Romaine
Square Halo Books, 2002

Objects of Grace is a collection of conversations focusing on the intersection of Christianity and creativity with some of today’s most intriguing artists Sandra Bowden, Dan Callis, Mary McCleary, John Silvis, Edward Knippers, Erica Downer, Albert Pedulla, Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Joel Sheesley and Makoto Fujimura.

ReVisioning: Critical Methods of Seeing Christianity in the History of Art
Cascade Books, 2014

This wide-ranging collection of essays examines the application of art historical methods to the history of Christianity and art.

The Art of Guy Chase
James Romaine
Square Halo Books, 2011

The Art of Guy Chase explores the visual, conceptual and spiritual complexities of Guy Chase, one of the most provocative contemporary visual artists of faith. Chase's art is characterized by intentionally cultivated contradictions between humor and sobriety, contemplation and irony, material tactility and sacred meaning.

Books by Steven Ware
Restorationism in the Holiness Movement in the Late 19th and Early 20th century
Steve Ware
Edwin Mellen Press, 2004

While previous works by other authors explored restorationistic ideas in other major Protestant movements and communions such as the Puritans, Anabaptists, Methodists, Disciples of Christ, Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, and Pentecostals, this work focuses on the development and progress of restorationism in the formative decades of the holiness movement. It therefore provides a necessary link between the implicit restorationism of nineteenth-century American evangelicalism and the more explicit restorationism of pentecostalism.

Books by David Weir
Early New England: A Covenanted Society
David A. Weir
Eerdmans, 2004

Weir explores the origins and development of covenant thought in America by analyzing the town and church documents written and signed by seventeenth century New Englanders.

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