ATS Mission

Alliance Theological Seminary is the national seminary of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, centered in metropolitan New York with extensions in other parts of the United States and abroad. As a multicultural, evangelical seminary, ATS is committed to developing in men and women a personal knowledge of God and his work in the world in order to equip them for the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the expansion of his church.

This statement of mission implies the following:

First, submission to the authority of God’s revelation in the Old and New Testaments and its applicability to human life in every age and every culture within the framework of the historic evangelical Christian faith.

Second, a commitment to serve the C&MA through (1) its location in a major metropolitan, multicultural environment, (2) its intentional urban involvement, (3) its transcultural emphasis in programs so as to provide the best possible training ground for ministry within this missionarysending denomination and within the 21st century church at large, (4) the intercultural and international character of its faculty, staff and student body.

Third, the development of students according to their needs and potential through the integration of spiritual and character formation, theological and social science education, and ministry skill competency. Students are encouraged to know God and his work, particularly across national, racial and cultural lines, so that they can help others know and respond authentically to his grace.

Our Process

We recognize that forming effective ministers of the gospel is a process. ATS takes students through a three-phase formation sequence in the following way:

Our Model

ATS blends the concepts of the church with social science and practical training in preparing men and women for service. We prioritize the following objectives in our professional degree programs:

Identity and Affiliations
In addition to ATS' mission to serve the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the seminary is fully accredited by the Association of Theological School in the United States and Canada and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  ATS operates under the charter of the Nyack College Corporation.  The Board of Regents for the State of New York empowers the Corporation to grant the Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.), Master of Arts (M.A.), and Associate and Bachelors degrees (see the Nyack College catalog for a description of its programs).
ATS History
ATS has its historical roots in the work of its founder, Dr. Albert B. Simpson, who pastored in New York City and founded two organizations, one a deeper-life fellowship and the other a missionary-sending agency, that would later merge and become a missionary denomination.

Dr. Simpson organized a training school for missionaries in New York City in 1882. The school moved to the village of Nyack, New York, in 1897 and in time became Nyack College. Before ATS became a seminary, it was first known as the Jaffray School of Missions (1960) to better train prospective missions candidates in the interdisciplinary studies of theology and social sciences. It was then redesigned in 1974 to include the preparation of students for North American ministries, and became the Alliance School of Theology and Missions.

In 1979, the Master of Divinity program was initiated, and Alliance School of Theology and Missions became Alliance Theological Seminary. Increased course offerings and additional faculty have enhanced the seminary's commitment to the worldwide evangelistic task of the church.

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