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Annual Library Faculty Awards

Faculty Award for the Support of Information Literacy and Critical Thinking

2014-2015    Dr. Jonathan Gates, Professor of English, Department Chair

                    Course:  College Writing II

                    Assignment:  Resource Guide

A resource guide, consisting of eight reputable sources, which examined the ways a Biblical text was interpreted by considering the design of the text, the primary audience, the level of scholarship, and the use of sources.  Students compared and contrasted the linguistic, theological, sociological, historical, and gender perspectives of a topic. 

Winner's Choice: Into the World of the New Testament: Greco-Roman and Jewish Texts and Contexts, by Daniel Lynwood Smith (2015)

2013-2014    Dr. Bennett Schepens, Assistant Provost & Director of Institutional Assessment

                    Course:  Introduction to Educational Research

                    Assignment:  Research Tested Instructional Strategies

A formal paper comprised of a significant literature review, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of a specific instructional method.  The students presented their research orally and visually as well.

Winner's Choice: Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing, by Ryan M. Niemiec  (2013)

2012-2013     Dr. Michael Huster, Professor of Physics

                       Course:  Introduction to Astronomy

                       Assignment:  Astronomy Project

A formal paper on one of six interpretations of Genesis 1-2, including a source summary, draft, in-class presentation with a 1-page hand-out and a 3-5 page personal position response.

Winner's Choice:  Global Warming:  The Complete Briefing, 4th ed., by John Houghton (2009)