Morocco, Portugal, and Spain

Spring Break 2018
ICS 460: Culture, History, and Migration in the Strait of Gibraltar
Dr. Scott Reitz & Jenny Reitz


Study the rich history and culture of the people on both sides of the Strait. Migration has been a topic for the gateway to the Mediterranean since 711 and the Umayyad conquest of Spain. Students will learn experientially as they engage in observation techniques, interviews, and a unique menu of guest lecturers. Students will learn about Islam in North Africa, Medieval Spain and Portugal, current trade models, and the socio-political issues of the day. Attention will be given to several select NGO’s operating in North Africa among at risk and marginalized ethnic groups. Students will travel by plane, bus, and boat on this epic learning journey with adventure loving couple, Dr. Scott and Jenny Reitz

*Be advised that this course is physically demanding with significant travel and select  intermediate hikes.