England (London and Oxford)

January 2017
ENG 351 Literary London
Dr. Jonathan Gates

One of the oldest established cities in the world, Europe’s largest city, and one of the most diverse--where over 300 languages are spoken--London welcomes explorers to discover her rich past and unfolding future.  As members of the GSL London-Oxford trip, we will learn how the Globe Theatre shaped Shakespeare’s vision, study Roman ruins on our way to worship with fellow Christians at St. Giles church which still bears the scars of WWII bombings, taste real shepherd’s pie at pubs where Dickens and Wilde ate, as well as, eat curry or kebabs with Londoners for lunch.  We’ll join local poets for a poetry reading and reflect on God’s work and glory during evensong at St. Paul’s. And when city life starts to overwhelm us, we’ll hop a bus and head for Oxford, visit the University, walk with C. S Lewis—at least in spirit, and take in England’s countryside.

This trip is being led by Dr. Gates who has guided many memorable student trips to Europe and Africa over the last 20 years.

Arrangements can be made to take this course for English, Honors, History, and Religion credit.