Welcome Nyack College Youth Ministry, Christian Education, and Youth & Family Studies Alumni

Though the major has changed its name, we are still one of the most complete youth ministry programs in the country. We’ve just added some needed emphasis on family context and family services.  

Department Changes- While Len still teaches in the Youth & Family Studies department, he also now serves as the Associate Dean for Faculty Development!  (What a title!) Because of his new duties, however, he is no longer able to Chair the YFS Department; thus, Ron now Chairs the department! Gregg Makin has been joined in the city by a new YFS Department faculty member, Dr. Shay-lee Perez.  (You can find out more about Shay-lee on the Department Faculty page.) While Gregg and Shay-lee teach most of the courses at the Manhattan campus, Shay-lee occasionally teaches in Rockland and Ron occasionally teaches in Manhattan.

We know that most of you are staying in touch through Facebook, Twitter, etc. and some of you are actually working with or alongside one another in your ministries.  This section is designed to help you keep up with everyone … at least a little. (Also, if you’d like to see current department activity, check out our Facebook site.)

If you click on the tabs, arranged in 5 year blocks by graduation date, you’ll note some amazing blessings God is bringing through our family of world changers.  As you would expect, the majority of grads are actively involved in church or para-church youth ministry. Even most of the folks who graduated 10+ years ago are still leading youth ministries. Praise God.  Many alumni have completed graduate degrees, some going on to become Professors.  Others have started local and global ministries, created award winning films, served as an Olympic team chaplain, written books and articles, and ministered to teens all over the world through various organizations. 

Our current students and faculty are inspired by you and grateful to God that you’re accomplishing so much.  We all make a great team.  Congratulations and Thank You!

(Visitors, please see what our Alumni are saying about their experiences at Nyack College in New York.)