YFS Alumni 2011-Current


Bryon Triglianos ('11)

Youth Pastor, Tower Hill Presbyterian Church- Redbank, New Jersey
Married to Shelby Hannon Triglianos ('12)

Tim Winchell, (’11)

            Youth Pastor, Long Valley Presb. Church, Long Valley, NJ


Shin Sung Kang ('12)

 Youth Pastor, Good Seed Church-Ephrata, PA

“I've been learning as a youth pastor that God is faithful no matter what. 
Ministry is not easy. It is probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but it is the most rewarding thing in my life also”.

Tyler Sant ('12)

Youth Pastor, Fulton Alliance Church- Fulton, NY

"Studying Youth Ministry  at Nyack College was one of the best decisions I could have made. The skills, knowledge,  and practical experiences that I acquired during my time at Nyack are tools that I have used and will continue to use.  Words can't describe how much God used the Faculty , staff, and students to change my life and prepare me for full time ministry."

Kyle Vandenberg ('12)

Coordinator for Service Learning and Community Engagement (for Local  At-Risk Youth), Boys and Girls Club- Patterson, NJ

Matt Rhynehart ('12)

Youth Pastor, New Horizons Community Church- Rockford, Ohio

Brianna Joy ('12)

Young Life Staff, New Canaan, Connecticut

Tim Degelman ('12)

Youth Pastor, Community Church of Smoke Rise- Kinnelon, New Jersey

I find myself recalling things you and Len taught me all the time!  I just wanted to tell you that, and say thank you.  I'm half a month shy of having been at my first youth min position for an entire year, and I have a bunch of Ron quotes that helped in a lot of different circumstances. (5/1/2013 email)

Madelyn Badillo ('12)

Attending Alliance Theological Seminary