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Nyack College TESOL


Nyack College TESOL

Our Vision: Preparation for Excellence
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Welcome to the TESOL Program  of Nyack College located in the School of Education . Our mission is to provide our  students  a solid foundation in English, Education, and Language teaching to prepare them to be  TESOL specialists.

The continued growth of English as the Lingua Franca on the world stage, and in business, education and research opens opportunities for educators to prepare English language learners around the globe.   In order to mete the need for qualified teachers, the School of Education offers  three Master-level degree programs and a number of undergraduate  concentrations and minors in TESOL.   These programs not only offer a rigorous academic investigation, but also opportunities for practical  training in a number of educational settings.  The academic studies and practical training are approached and supported by a Christian worldview.

Students will explore  current pedagogical trends and investigate research questions related to  teaching and learning of English as a second or foreign language. Their studies and practical experience will enable Nyack's TESOL graduates to critically assess the issues, methods, and standards they will face both in the U.S. and  overseas. The TESOL program is  firmly grounded in theory, research and practice which will prepare graduates of the program to teach ESL in the U.S. or EFL internationally as teachers, missionaries, and program administrators.

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