Sociology Journals and Organizations

Students interested in Sociology may want to become members of the American Sociological Association. Benefits of membership include a subscription to a premier ASA journal of your choice and to Footnotes, the ASA Newsletter, which includes notices about conferences, publications, awards, funding, and student activities, as well as, admission to the American sociological Association Annual meeting, held every August. 
The Annual Meting includes a full schedule of events for student members—career workshops, receptions, tours, and many informal activities. Students receive a discount on housing and registration for the annual meeting. These meetings can also provide students, who are interested in going to graduate school in Sociology, with the opportunity to meet professors from a wide variety of graduate departments and to hear many of them discuss their research. Application forms for student membership may be obtained by contacting: American Sociological association, 1307 New York Ave. NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005-4701 or call 202-9005 x389 or email:
Other journals students may want to look at include the following:
  • The American Journal of Sociology
  • Contemporary Sociology
  • Social Forces
  • Sociological Inquiry
  • Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Critical sociology
  • Socialist Review
  • New Left Review
  • CNS (Capitalism, Nature, Socialism)
  • Journal of World Systems Research
  • Berkeley Journal of Sociology