Careers in Sociology

Sociological knowledge enhances the performance of anyone who works with people or in social systems.  Sociology can be used as preparation for careers in fields as diverse as:
  • criminal justice
  • advertising
  • law
  • social work
  • human resource management
  • environmental planning
  • public service
  • teaching
  • health services
  • counseling
  • social service administration
  • urban planning
  • public administration 
Career Resources

The career services center in Boon Center will give you advice on possible employment opportunities. The center provides: workshops, individual advising, educational career services, recruiting and information sessions, career planning library, job information.   Faculty are regularly asked to recommend students to positions and you may find it helpful to discuss your aspirations with your advisor.  Your advisor’s most useful contribution to your career development may well be his or her references for you, which may cover personal as well as academic skills.  Remember that your academic advisor can write only what he or she knows about you and so do not be reticent about discussing your aspirations and skills with him or her.  You should not normally name your academic advisor as a referee for a job unless you have first discussed the matter with him or her.

Useful Career Literature

The American Sociological Association (ASA) publishes resources that will help you explore both academic and applied job markets, understand the employment outlook for sociology degrees, and develop a career path that utilizes your sociology education. 

Careers in Sociology--provide a description of various careers available to sociology degree recipients.  Offers an understanding of the scope of sociology and its areas of specialization.

Embarking Upon a Career with an Undergraduate Sociology Major--highlights sociological skills valued by employers.  Discusses how to identify interests and skills, demonstrate the relevancy of sociological training to employers, prepare resumes and letters, and effectively interviews.

To order Career publications write for TRC catalog: ASA, 1722 N. Street NW. Washington, DC 20036 or call (202) 833-3410. Web: