Full Personnel Listing


Jensy Acosta

Admissions Associate

Phone: 6118
M.A. Princeton Theological Seminary; B.A. Nyack College

Derrick Adkins

Admissions Associate

Phone: 6104
B.S.M.E. Georgia Tech

Amanda Aikens

Asst. Director of Athletics/Compliance Officer

Phone: 4772
B.S. Mansfield University

DeVonne Allen

Lecturer in Social Work

Phone: 4536
MS.Ed. Mercy College; M.S.W. Fordham University; B.A. Hunter College

Pauline AndersonBrown

Administrative Assistant, AGSC NYC

Phone: 6164
M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Nyack College

Maria Arroyo

ATS/AGSC Financial Counselor

Phone: 6114
MBA Nyack College; B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Agnia Assur

Professor of Psychology

Phone: 4537
Ph.D., M.A. New School University; B.A. The King's College

Jeff Aumend

Head Softball Coach & Asst. Academic Accountability Program Advisor

Phone: 4782
B.S. Defiance College

Dr. Carol Awasu

Professor of Social Work

Phone: 4555
Ph.D., M.S.W. Syracuse University; B.A. Keuka College

Dr. Charles Awasu

Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice

Phone: 4557
Ph.D. Syracuse University; M.S. New Hampshire College; B.A. University of Cape Coast

Dan Bailey

Director of Admissions

Phone: 4402
M.S. USA Sports Academy; B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Vilma Balmaceda

Director of the Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement

Phone: 4582
Ph.D., M.A. Dept. of Government & International Studies Notre Dame; B.A. Pontifical Catholic University

Dr. Stacey Barker

Professor of Social Work

Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University; M.S.W. University of Missouri; B.A. Eastern Nazarene College

Dr. Charles Beach

Professor of English

Phone: 4522
Ph.D., M.A. Baylor University; B.A. Houghton College

Dr. Gerard Becker

Prof. of Management/Director of MBA Program

Phone: 6178
Ph.D. Capella University; MBA Adelphi University; B.A. Adelphi University

Gregory Beeman

Director of Institutional Research

Phone: 4417
D.Min. Alliance Theological Seminary; M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; B.A. Messiah College

Priscilla Berenguer

Admissions Associate

B.A. Nyack College

Michele Blanck

Director of Conferences & Auxiliary Services

Phone: 4501
B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Gordon Boronow

Assistant Professor of Business

Phone: 4498
Ph.D., M.A. Stony Brook University; B.S. Lafayette College

Kevin Buel

Director of Information Technology

Phone: 4597
B.S. Dominican; B.A. Nyack College

Heather Butcher

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Phone: 4610
B.S. Nyack College

Louis Carlo

Director of Field Education

Phone: 5747
M.A, MPS, Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Frank Chan

Professor of Bible

Phone: 5748
Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary; M.A. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A. Wheaton College

Christy Choi

Director of Eastman Library

Phone: 6142
M.LS Queens College; M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Nyack College

Melverne Coates

Auxiliary Services Assoc. - NCMC

Phone: 6184
A.A. Monroe College

Evangeline Couchey

Institutional Registrar

Phone: 4733
M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Crown College

Renata Couto

Undergraduate Registrar

Phone: 4727
M.A., B.A. Eastern University

Julianne Cox

Associate Professor of New Testament & Director of the MDiv and MA Programs

Phone: 5719
M.Phil. Fordham University; S.T.M. Yale Divinity School; M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Toccoa Falls College

Beverley Crawford-Locke

Director of the Writing Center

Phone: 4441
Ed.D. (ABD), M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University; B.A. Nyack College

Chastity Crespo

Admissions Associate, NYC AGSC

Bonita D'Amil

Executive Assistant to the Provost

Phone: 4422

Veronica DaCosta

Graduate Admissions Associate

Phone: 5702
M.B.A. CUNY Baruch College; B.A. Case Western Reserve University

Elizabeth Dahlberg-Lee

Administrative Assistant for ATS School of Counseling

Phone: 5731
M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; M.A. The American University; B.A. John Wesley

Dr. Elias Dantas

Director of International Relations

Ph.D., Th.M. D. Miss. Fuller Theological Seminary; B.Th. North Presbyterian Seminary, Brazil

Grisha Davida

Head Baseball Coach

B.A. Concordia College

Keith Davie

Athletic Director/Men's Soccer Coach

Phone: 4770
M.S. Oneonta State University; B.A. Houghton College

Karen Davie

Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator

Phone: 4608
M.A. Binghamton University; B.A. Houghton College

Dr. Amy Davis

Associate Professor of Bible

Phone: 4515
Ph.D. Drew University; M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Grove City College

Cari Davis

Admistrative Assistant-Division of Student Success

Phone: 4444
A.S. Rockland Community College

Dr. Louis DeCaro Jr.

Assistant Professor of Church History

Phone: 6174
Ph.D., M.A. New York University; M.A. Westminster Theological Seminary; B.A. Geneva College

Constance Diggs

Associate Director of Academic Support

Phone: 6177
M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; M.A. University of San Diego; B.A. Franklin Pierce

DeLissa Dixon

Admissions Assoc. for MSW

Phone: 6105
B.S. University of Bridgeport

Sara Donado

Admissions Associate

Phone: 6110
B.M. Nyack College

Dr. Christopher Dost

Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Phone: 7587
Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A. The Jewish Theological Seminary; M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Western CT State Univ.

Dr. Jeffrey Dueck

Professor of Philosophy

Phone: 4550
Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo; B.A. Nyack College

Joshua Dyke

Media Resources Coordinator

Phone: 4503
B.S. Nyack College

Dr. David Emanuel

Associate Professor of Bible

Phone: 6126
Ph.D., M.A. Hebrew University Jerusalem; M.Sc. University of London

Dr. Elaine Eng

Associate Professor of Mental Health

Phone: 6162
M.D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine; B.A Princeton University

Henok Ephraim

Technology Architect

Phone: 4485
MBA, B.S. Nyack College

Jessie Esposito

Financial Aid Counselor

Phone: 4740
B.A. Nyack College

Jackie Eugene

Cash Management Asst.

Phone: 4612
B.A. Nyack College; A.A. Rockland Community College

Cheryl Felmlee

Library Director - ATS

Phone: 5764
M.A. Northern Illinois University; Graduate Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A. Washington Bible College

Joel Fevig

Admissions Counselor

Phone: 4479
B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Anna Flores Locke

Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling

Phone: 6163
Ph.D. Montclair State University; M.A. Northwestern University; B.A. University of Chicago

Penny Foland

Athletic Trainer

Phone: 4780
B.A., B.S. Messiah College

Isaac Foster

Director of Student Financial Services - NCMC

Phone: 6125
M.S. Nyack College; B.S. Voorhees College

Dr. Lars Frandsen

Professor of Music

Phone: 6190
D.M.A. Eastman School of Music; M.M. Yale University School of Music; B.M. Royal Academy of Music

Dr. Janet Furness

MSW Program Director and Professor of Social Work

Phone: 6169
Ed.D. University of Rochester; M.S. Rutgers; B.S. Philadelphia Biblical University

Heather Garcia

Administrative Assistant for Spiritual Formation

Phone: 4455
B.A. Nyack College; A.A. Arizona Western College

Dr. Jeffrey Garcia

Assistant Professor in Bible

Phone: 7748
Ph.D., MPhil., M.A. New York University; B.A. Nyack College

Bernice Garcia

Financial Aid Counselor

Phone: 4741
B.S. College of Mount Saint Vincent

Dr. Jonathan Gates

Professor of English

Phone: 4523
Ph.D. Drew University; M.A. Miami University; B.A. Houghton College

Dr. Michael Gillern

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Counseling

Phone: 5737
D.Min. Gordon Conwell; M. Div. Trinity Divinity; M.A. New School for SR; B.S. University of New Haven

Dr. Antoinette Gines-Rivera

Director and Associate Professor of Mental Health Counseling

Phone: 6160
Ph.D. Regent University; M.S. Fordham University; B.A. College of New Rochelle

Dr. Sharron Greaves

Professor of Communications

Phone: 4492
Ph.D. Arizona State University; M.F.A. Chapman University; B.A. University of North Carolina

Dr. Charles Hammond

Dean of Students - NYC

Phone: 6131
Ph.D. Trinity College; M.P.S. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. New York University

Deborah Harris

Assistant Director/Student Life - NYC

Phone: 6132
M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Susanne Hartl

Associate Professor of Business

Phone: 4490
Ph.D. Capella University; M.B.A. University of New Orleans; B.A. State University at Brockport

Melissa Hickey

Manager of Advancement Operations

Phone: 4424
B.A. Redeemer University

Denise Hirschlein

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Phone: 6166
M.A. Grace Theological Seminary; B.A. Glassboro State College

Elaine Holodynsky

Senior Accountant

Phone: 4607
BRE. Canadian Bible College

Dr. Inseon Hwang

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Phone: 4680
Ph.D. Columbia University School of Nursing; MSN Ewha Womans University; BSN Ewha Womans University

Shaun Jacobs-Patterson

Testing and Tutoring Associate

M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Nyack College

Gina Jacobs-Strain

Chair of Developmental Education

Phone: 4451
M.Div. Drew University/Theological School; B.A. Rutgers University

Cindy Jennings

Director of Centralized Admissions

Phone: 4410
A.A. Robert Morris College

David Jennings

Executive Vice President & Treasurer

Phone: 4616

Margaret Jennings

Communications Coordinator

Phone: 4587
MSOL, B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Stanley John

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

Phone: 5759
Ph.D., M.A. Asbury Theological Seminary; B.A. Northpoint Bible College

Dr. Daniel Kaluka

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 4531
Ph.D., M.S. Marquette University; B.S. University of Zimbabwe

Dr. Marie Kenote

Director of Music for the Rockland Campus and Professor of Music

Phone: 4690
D.M.A. Rutgers University; M.M. The Juilliard School; B.M. The New England Conservatory

Jennifer Kimble

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Phone: 7194
M.A. Eastern Mennonite University; B.A. George Mason University

Melinda Kong

On Line Coordinator

Phone: 4453
B.S. Nyack College

Kevin Kriesel

DMin Program Coodinator

Phone: 5744
M.P.S. Alliance Theological Seminary; M.Ed. Regent University; B.S. University of Vermont

Dr. Maureen Kroning

Associate Professor of Nursing

Phone: 4684
Ed.D., M.A. Walden University; B.S. New Paltz; A.A. Rockland Community College

Dr. Deanna Kwan

Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling

Phone: 5738
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and M.S., Pennsylvania State University; S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Maggie Labocki

Director of Counseling Services

Phone: 4563
M.A. Nyack College; B.A. Kean University

Catherine Lang


B.A. Nyack College

Jenny Lee

Auxiliary Services Asst. & Housing Coordinator

Phone: 4502
B.S. Nyack College

Sam Lim

Director of Database Operations

Phone: 4486
M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.B.A. Baruch College

Dr. Jo Ann Looney

Dean of School of Education

Phone: 4542
Ed.D. Seton Hall University; M.A. William Patterson University; B.A. Rosemont College

Kristen Luba

Director of Assessment

Phone: 4539
M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Tammy Lum

Professor of Music

Phone: 4692
D.M.A. Manhattan School of Music; M.M., B.M. Eastman School of Music

Dr. Elaine Lux

Professor of English

Phone: 6151
Ph.D. The Union Institute; M.A. University of Pennsylvania; B.A. Queens College

Dr. Stephen Maret

Professor of Psychology

Phone: 6167
Ph.D., M.Phil. Drew University; M.A., B.A. Montclair State University

Grace Mathew

Nursing Lab Coordinator

Phone: 4682
M.S.N. Capella University; B.S.N. Oxford College of Nursing

Deborah McDonald

Senior Financial Aid Officer

Phone: 4743
B.A. Purchase (SUNY)

Agnes McGarrigle

Assistant Undergrad Registrar - NYC

Phone: 6116
M.A. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary; B.S. Valley Forge Christian College

Percelene McLain

Adm. Coordinator/Student Advisor - Social Work Dept.

Phone: 6165
M.S.W., B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Russell Mcleod

Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries

Phone: 6156
D.Min. Drew University; M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Nyack College

Yee McLeod

Admissions Counselor

Phone: 4406
M.B.A. Nyack College; B.A. Nyack College

Amalia Mercado

Associate Registrar

Phone: 4585
B.S. Dominican College

Dr. Andrew Mercurio

Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling

Phone: 5739
D.Min. Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.Div. Asbury Theological Seminary; B.S Nyack College

Dr. In Hak Moon

Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 4532
Ph.D. SUNY at Stony Brook; B.S. Chon Buk National University

James Muckell

Associate Professor of Accounting

Phone: 4489
M.B.A. Pace University; B.S. Fordham University

Dr. Elena Murphy

Assoc. Director of Advisement for Adult Programs

Phone: 4470
Ed.D. University of Phoenix; M.S. College of New Rochelle; B.S. Empire State College

Paul Nevill

Lecturer in Information Management

MBA University of Aspen; BME University of Southern California

Rebecca Noss

Graduate Registrar

Phone: 5767
B.S. Houghton College

Dr. Steven Notley

Distinguished Professor of Bible

Phone: 7858
Ph.D. Hebrew University; M.A., B.A. Oral Roberts University

Sunya Notley

Director of Bailey Library

Phone: 4436
M.L.S. Southern Connecticut State University; B.A. Oral Roberts University

Autumn-Carol Nova

Administrator of the School of Music, NYC

Phone: 6138
M.S. Nyack College; B.B.A. Globe Institute of Technology, A.S. Nyack College

Dr. Lyndell O'Hara

Professor of History

Phone: 6145
Ph.D., M.A. Fordham University; M.A., B.A. Empire State College

Hiram Orama

Admissions Counselor

Phone: 4405
B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Peter Park

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone: 4552
Ph.D., B.S. Stony Brook University

Lois Park

Admissions Counselor

Phone: 4404
B.A. Nyack College

Emicia Parker

Admissions Associate

B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Gwendolyn Parker-Ames

Dean - Division of Student Success

Phone: 4446
Ed.D., M.A., B.A. Columbia University, Teachers College

Nathaniel Perez

HEOP Counselor

Phone: 4447
M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Mercy College

Steven Phillips

Director of Financial Aid

Phone: 4747
MBA, B.S. Nyack College

Barbara Pierce

Re-enrollment Specialist - NYC

Phone: 6111
B.A. Fordham University

Dr. Kevin Pinkham

Associate Professor of English

Phone: 4526
Ph.D. University of Southern California; M.A. Baylor University; B.A. Nyack College

Erica Ponteen

Lecturer in Social Work/Field Education Director

Phone: 7866
M.S.W. New York University; B.A. Pace University

Jeffrey Quinn

Vice President for College Relations

Phone: 4425
M.A., M.Ed. Columbia University Teachers College; B.A. Nyack College

Doreen Reed

Associate Director/Auxiliary Services - ATS

Phone: 5758
B.A. Nyack College

Cynthia Reeder

Administrative Assistant to Executive VP & Treasurer

Phone: 4616
B.S. Crown College

Dr. Robert Reimer

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology

Phone: 5774
D.Min. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. The King's College

Jennifer Reimer

Associate Director of Admissions, ATS Rockland

B.S. Bridgewater State University

Dr. Scott Reitz

Asst. Prof of Intercultural Studies; Director of Global Service Learning

Phone: 4528
Ph.D Regent University; M.A. Crown College; B.A. Nyack College

Jeff Rickey

Vice President for Enrollment

M.S. Grand Canyon University; B.S. George Fox University

Jonathan Rivera

Student Financial Counselor

Phone: 6123
M.S., B.S. Nyack College

Julie Rivera

Associate Director of Auxiliary Services

Phone: 6185
B.A. Messiah College

Dr. Ili Rivera-Walter

Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Ph.D. Nova Southeastern University; M.A. Evangelical Theological Seminary; B.BA. Temple University

Dr. Cleotha Robertson

Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Phone: 6175
Ph.D. New York University; M.S. Brooklyn College; M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; B.A. Dartmouth College

Shawn Roseburgh

Asst. HEOP Director & Director of COMPASS Services

Phone: 7909
B.S. University of North Florida

Angela Roth

Financial Aid Counselor - ATS

Phone: 5772
M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Nyack College

Miguel Sanchez

Assistant Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice

Phone: 4558
Ph.D. (ABD) Fordham University; M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Fordham University

Louis Sanchez

Director of Residence Life

Phone: 4571
M.A. Columbia University; B.A. Nyack College

Giovanni Sanchez

Admissions Counselor

Phone: 4407
B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Martin Sanders

Dir. of D.Min. in Christian Leadership in the Global Context

Phone: 5750
D.Min. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary; Th.M., M.Div. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A. Toccoa Falls College

Joy Santiago

Director of Student Accounts

Phone: 4742

Dr. Mike Scales


Phone: 4794

Dr. Bennett Schepens

Assistant Provost. & Director of Institutional Assess.

Phone: 4543
Ph.D., M.A. University of Alabama; M.Div. Bethel Theological Seminary; B.A. University of Montana

Grace Schroeder

HEOP Counselor

Phone: 7737
B.S. Ithaca College

Jennifer Scott

Administrative Assistant for the School of Music

Phone: 4688
M.A. Adams State University; B.M.E Nyack College

Victoria Seetaram

Admissions Associate for the MSEd

B.A. Montclair State University

Althea Session-Lovett

Student Loan Officer

Phone: 4744
M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Ramapo College; A.A. Rockland Community College

Raquel Shaffer

Secretary to Athletic Dept./Volleyball Coach

Phone: 4590
B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Glen Shellrude

Professor of New Testament

Phone: 6173
Ph.D. University of St. Andrews; M.Div. Denver Seminary; B.A. American University of Beirut

Danielle Shin

Assistant Registrar

Phone: 5769

Cornelius Spitzer

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 4614
B.B.A. Dowling College

Deborah Spivey

Lecturer in Developmental Education

Phone: 7737
M.Div. Drew Theological School; B.S. North Carolina A&T State

Dr. Lisa Steiner

Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling; Director of Online Mental Health Counseling Program

Phone: 5720
Ph.D. Regent University; M.A. Nyack College-AGSC; MBA Pace University; B.S. Montclair State University

Giselle Swann

Administrative Assistant to Dean for School of Business

Phone: 4481
B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Sue Talley

Dean of the School of Music and Professor of Music

Phone: 6186
Ph.D. University of Dublin; M.A. Western Washington University; B.A. Whitworth College

Dr. Dana Talley

Professor of Music

Phone: 6187
Ph.D. University of Dublin; M.M. The Juilliard School; B.A. Western Washington University

Dr. Rexi Thomas

Asst. Professor of Nursing

Phone: 4678
DNP Pace University; BSN/MSN Pace University; A.AS SUNY Rockland Community

Dr. David Turk

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Phone: 4422
Ph.D., M.A. New York University; B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Anita Underwood

Dean of School of Business & Leadership

Phone: 4476
Ph.D. University of Michigan; M.A. Fisk University; B.A. Spelman College

Andres Valenzuela

Director of NYC Undergraduate Admissions

Phone: 6135
M.S., B.A. Nyack College

Miriam Velez

Assistant Professor of Education

Phone: 6127
M.S. Long Island University; B.A. University of Puerto Rico

Wanda Velez

Dean of Students - Rockland

Phone: 4792
M.P.S. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Carlos Velez

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministries

Phone: 6155
Ph.D. Trinity Seminary; M.P.S. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Empire State College

Erica Videc

Administrative Assistant to the President's Office & Manager of Alumni Services

Phone: 4426
B.A. Felician

Dr. Ronald Walborn

Vice President and Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary & the College of Bible and Christian Ministry

Phone: 5716
D.Min. Fuller Theological Seminary; M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Wanda Walborn

Director/Spiritual Formation

Phone: 4457
Ph.D. Western Seminary; M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Nyack College

Deborah Walker

Director of Publications & Media Relations

Phone: 4430
M.S. Nyack College; B.A. Columbia University

Dr. Jacqueline Washington

Professor of Biology

Phone: 4530
Ph.D. University of Medicine and Denistry of New Jersey; B.S. Adelphi University

Joshua Way

Webmaster and Marketing Team Coordinator

Phone: 4416
M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Nyack College; A.S. SUNY Dutchess

Dr. David Weir

Professor of History

Phone: 4524
Ph.D. University of St. Andrews; Ph.D., M.A. Princeton University; B.A. Haverford College

Dr. Marie White

Professor of Education

Phone: 6129
Ph.D., M.A. CUNY Graduate Center; M.A. Empire State University; B.A. Gordon College

Kevin White

Admissions Associate ATS/NYC

Phone: 6103
M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Siena College

Dr. Bryan Widbin

Professor of Old Testament

Phone: 5721
Ph.D., M.A. Brandeis University; Th.M., M.Div. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A. John Brown University

Dr. Christine Willard

Associate Professor of Education

Phone: 4541
Ph.D. Northcentral University; M.S. C.W. Post Center, Long Island University; B.S. Nyack College

Joseph Williams

Admissions Associate

Phone: 5711
M.A., B.S. Nyack College

Dr. Jack Wiltshire

Professor of Psychology

Phone: 4553
Psy.D., M.A. Biola University; B.A. Brooklyn College

Jamila Wright

Associate Registrar, School of Adult & Distance Education

Phone: 4469
M.A. Iona College; B.S. Nyack College

Loida Yela

Financial Aid Counselor

Phone: 6124
M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Nyack College

Janice Yoon

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: 4784
M.S. Nyack College; B.S. University of Miami

Dr. Kwiryung Yun

Dean of the School of Social Work

Phone: 6170
Ph.D., M.S.W. University of Wisconsin; B.S.W. Sacred Heart (Sung Shim) College for Women


(Year indicates appointment to faculty)

William V. Crockett, Professor Emeritus of New Testament (Rockland Campus),B.A., University of Winnipeg; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Glasgow.  1980.

Janet L. Dale, Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (Rockland Campus),.  B.A., Columbia International University; M.A., Wheaton College Graduate School; Doctoral Studies, Columbia University Teachers College; Ph.D., University of Denver. 1995.

David A. Denyer, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Archaeology.  B.A., Simpson College; B.A., Wheaton College; M.Div., Golden Gate Seminary; Ph.D., Southern Baptist Seminary.  23 years ATS professor. 

David Diehl, Professor Emeritus of Religion. B.S., Carson-Newman College; B.D., Faith Theological Seminary; Th.M., Westminster Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Harford Seminary Foundation. 1989

John D. Ellenberger, Professor Emeritus of Missiology and Anthropology. Diploma, The Missionary Training Institute; B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Hartford Seminary Foundation. 1984. 

Barbara Graymont, Professor Emeritus of History. B.A., University of Maryland; B.D., Howard University Divinity School; M.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Columbia University. 1965.

Marion B. Howe, Professor Emeritus of Music. S.M.B., The Missionary Training Institute; M.M., Boston University. 1948.

David K. Huttar, Professor Emeritus of Bible and Greek. B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University. 1962.

Leonard M. Kageler, Professor Emeritus of Youth Ministry. B.A., University of Washington; M.Div., North American Baptist Seminary; Ph.D., Fordham University. 1993.

Glenn N. Koponen, Professor Emeritus of Music. B.M., Eastman School of Music; B.M., M.S., The Juilliard School; Ed.D., Columbia University Teachers College. 1968.

John McGarrity, Professor Emeritus of Organizational Leadership. A.B., Syracuse University; M.S., Pace University. 1991.

Donal E. Nilsson, Professor Emeritus of Bible. B.A., Wheaton College; M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. 1967.

Eleanor J. Pease, Professor Emeritus of TESOL. B.A., Gordon College; M.Ed., Westfield State; Ph.D., Walden University. 1995.

Richard B. Pease, Professor Emeritus of Missiology. B.S., Nyack College; M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Th.M, D.Miss., Fuller Theological Seminary.  1995.

David A. Pletincks, Dean Emeritus of Students. B.S., Nyack College; M.A., New York University. 1983.

Ronald W. Ruegsegger, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy. B.A., Westmont College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Toronto. 1977.

David E. Schroeder, President Emeritus; Professor of Bible and Philosophy. B.A., Nyack College; M.A., Manhattanville College; S.T.M., New York Theological Seminary; Ed.D., New York University.

Harold P. Shelly, Professor Emeritus of Church History and Religion. B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Lehigh University; Ph.D., Temple University.

Joyce M. Simons, Dean Emeritus of Academic Support. B.S., Cornell University; M.A., Ed.M., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University. 1995.

Tite Tienou, Professor Emeritus of Missiology. B.S., Nyack College; M.Th., Faculte libre de Theologic; M.A., Ph.D., Fuller Seminary. 1984.