Welcome To The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies major at Nyack College is a liberal arts oriented, nontraditional program designed for students who wish to integrate two academic disciplines.  The Interdisciplinary Studies major is for students who have clearly articulated personal, graduate school and career goals that cannot be fully met by existing programs.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) integrates two disciplines from the arts and sciences.  The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) integrates one discipline from the arts and sciences with a professionally oriented discipline.  During senior year, Interdisciplinary Studies majors enroll in the Integrative Capstone Seminar.  This seminar will guide students in the process of writing an interdisciplinary research paper, which should articulate an integration of disciplinary thought between the student’s identified two disciplines. Are you an independent, inquisitive and open-minded critical thinker exploring questions that cannot be answered within a single discipline?  Consider the Interdisciplinary Studies major.
Interdisciplinary Studies Offerings
B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Discipline Partner Concentrations Rockland campus only (RC)
Bible Cross Cultural Studies, Philosophy (RC)
Cross Cultural Studies Bible, Religion (RC), Sociology (RC)
English History
History English, Philosophy (RC), Religion (RC)
Philosophy (RC) Bible, History, Religion (RC)
Psychology Religion (RC)
Religion (RC) Cross Cultural, History, Philosophy (RC), Psychology
Sociology (RC) Cross Cultural
 B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
Adolescent Education* English (RC), History (RC), Math (RC)
Business Administration Cross Cultural Studies, Music
Childhood Education* English, History
Early Childhood Education* English (RC), History (RC), Sociology (RC)
Pastoral Ministry Bible, Cross Cultural Studies, Music, Philosophy (RC), Psychology, Sociology (RC)
TESOL* English (RC)
Youth Ministry Bible, Cross Cultural Studies, Music, Psychology, Philosophy (RC)
Social Work Psychology, Sociology (RC)
 *The Interdisciplinary Studies B.S. major with Adolescent Education, Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education or TESOL  does not lead to NYS Certification.

This major is offered at the Rockland Campus and the Manhattan Campus.