Interdisciplinary Studies Courses


For an official and updated listing of courses, please refer to the current academic catalog.

INT 102 Civic Engagement and the Servant Leader (3)

This course will examine the values, persona, methods and strategies of servant leaders who used their faith as a foundation for addressing challenges in communities to bring about social change. Servant leader models include Albert Benjamin Simpson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Billy Graham, Mother Theresa and others. This course is experiential inasmuch as it combines academic work with service learning. Students will employ theoretical learning to identify and address social problems within a select number of neighborhoods in Nyack and surrounding communities. In partnership with local community organizations students will engage in service-learning projects to bring about change. This course will serve as an elective for any interested student.


INT 112-Foundations for Excellence (2)

This course examines issues facing first-time Freshmen attending Nyack College. In general, students will explore what it means to live and learn as an individual in a Christian academic community. The course examines questions such as: What are the liberal arts and why should we study these subjects? How does Nyack College, as a Christian institution, distinctively address the liberal arts? What are the key components of lifelong learning and character formation? How can we develop career goals and four-year study plans?


INT 240-241-Seminar in Residence Life (1-1)

This course is designed to explore and promote the personal and paraprofessional development of each Resident Assistant. Emphasis is placed upon residence life philosophy and its role in college life, the developmental issues of college students, and various leadership theories. Skills are enhanced through the application of these concepts to interpersonal relationships and group settings within the residence halls. (Open only to Resident Assistants)


INT 310-Leadership Practicum (3)

Through this practicum, outstanding students will be allowed the opportunity to work alongside faculty members who teach Civic Engagement and the Servant Leader (INT 102). These students will receive training in leadership and small group dynamics, which will allow them to integrate meaningful community service instruction and reflection to enhance the learning experience, enrich civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.


INT 481-Integrative Capstone Seminar (2)

This course will involve examination of the emergence of the academic disciplines in higher education and will involve the preparation and presentation of a well-written and academically substantial interdisciplinary research paper emanating from the student’s chosen disciplines. Pre-requisite: Discipline-specific research course in at least one of the fields of concentration.