Welcome to the Department of History and Political Science



The History major at Nyack College is designed for those seeking the enrichment found in the discipline of history and the preparation needed for the pursuit of a broad range of career and educational goals. History develops and hones various skills essential to a full life such as trained, rational thought, clear expression, and cultural respect and appreciation. Students graduating with a History degree will find many opportunities for advanced study leading to careers in history, political science, law, education, business, journalism, and ministry. The History department seeks to increase the student’s knowledge and understanding of the cultural, religious, political, economic, social and intellectual significance of both past and present civilizations.  History majors who wish to pursue certification for Adolescent Education should consult with the coordinator of Adolescent Education.

This major is offered at the Rockland campus and the Manhattan campus

Major Field Component

ENG201             Global Literature I or ENG202 Global Literature II
HIS201             Introduction to Historical Inquiry
American History Sequence (Select 2 courses)
             HIS330 Colonial America, HIS340 Civil War and Reconstruction,
             HIS350 America: Gilded Age to Great Crash or HIS410 Recent American History
Non-Western History Electives (Select 2 courses)
             HIS331 Latin American History, HIS 355: Europe: 1815 – 1918,
             HIS365 History of Pre-Modern Asia, HIS367 Asia in the Wider World or
             HIS361 History of Societies and Cultures in Africa
HIS470             Senior Seminar
HIS342             History of Christianity or HIS433 History of Religion in America
             Electives from History courses (9 credits)

(At least two courses must cover the pre-industrial era).