Associates Degree Liberal Arts and Sciences Program


Liberal Arts and Sciences at Nyack College is a liberal arts oriented, knowledge-enhancing Associate of Arts program that is available for students who are interested in a variety of academic fields. According to their diverse interests, the program allows students to have a rich selection of courses in different fields in order to help them gain relevant information and broaden their understanding of several academic disciplines in the arts and sciences. This breadth of knowledge will make them capable of the adaptability and versatility demanded in today’s workforce, as well as allow them to make a well informed decision concerning their major of specialization for their Bachelors degree.

It is common for students to be unsure as to which major to declare during their first years in college.  The Liberal Arts and Sciences program allows students an alternative option providing a 60-credit liberal arts oriented program of study that can serve as a foundation toward future academic and career goals. It allows students the breathing room to explore their options while earning an Associate of Arts Degree.

Two years of full time study are required for the AA Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree and the majority of the credits earned as part of this program may be applied toward a Bachelors degree. The program is available onsite or online. Having acquired a range of learning and research abilities as well as critical thinking and writing skills in the Liberal Arts and Sciences program, students from this program are better qualified to respond to the demands of an increasingly competitive job market.

This major is offered at the Rockland campus and the Manhattan campus.

Major Field Component

INT 101             Information Literacy
ENG101            College Writing 1
ENG102             College Writing 2
ENG 201             Global Literature I      or    ENG202      Global Literature II
HIS113             World Civilization
HIS114             World Civilization
PHI101              Introduction to Philosophy
                        Social Science elective
                        Mathematics elective
                        Foreign Language (3 credits)
                        Art History elective
                        Laboratory Science elective
                        Liberal arts elective