GS-L Application Process

How to Apply for a GS-L Trip

1. Submit your online application (Deadline: September 30th 11:59 pm)

This does not automatically register you for the trip. You must complete all of the steps of the process and be approved by the Student Financial Services and dean of Students offices before you will be accepted. You will receive the decision via e-mail at the address you provide on the application.


2. Send mandatory reference form to your Academic Advisor via email.

All students applying to participate in GS-L programs abroad must have a faculty reference form submitted before they are considered fully applied. 

Send Reference Form

3. Meet with your Financial Aid Counselor to make payment arrangements, secure loans, and to make the initial $300 deposit

You will be given a payment plan when you apply. Please note that if you do not stay current with your payment schedule after two weeks you will be removed from the trip. If for some reason you are not accepted on the trip, you will be fully refunded.

4. Confirm your spot on the trip: (Due October 15th)

In early October, you will receive an e-mail requesting trip confirmation. Please reply by the due date, otherwise you will be dropped from the course. After the confirmation date, you will be accountable for any money spent on booking hotels, flights, and other trip details by your trip leader. Please see the GS-L refund policy on the payments page for more information.

5. Submit a copy of your passport: (Due October 15th)

You can submit a copy of your passport with the online application. If you are unable to, please scan and e-mail it, mail it, campus mail it, or hand-deliver it to the GS-L Office (Christie Basement #37). We can make a copy for you as well.

If you have to apply for, or renew, a passport, you must do so before October 15th. Send us a copy of your receipt from the passport agency – that either shows you have applied for a new passport, or for renewal.

6. Fill out the Stipend Application: (Due October 30th)

Juniors and seniors applying to courses during the January break (Winterim), who have spent five consecutive semesters at Nyack are eligible to apply for the $500 Winterim travel stipend. Stipends are limited to juniors and seniors with at least a 2.75 GPA. This stipend is not valid for spring break or summer courses. Stipend is a one time student benefit and cannot be used on multiple trips.


Once these steps have been completed your application will be processed. Please make sure to follow the GS-L Deadline list to turn things in on time.

Once accepted, you must….

7. Submit Medical Release Form to the GS-L office (Due December 2nd)
Please fill out the medical release form. It only needs to be signed by a physician if you are currently on medication or under the care of a physician. The form must be signed by a public notary.

Medical Release Form

8. Attend any and all meetings that are required by the professors and GS-L department. Failure to meet GS-L pre-trip and post-trip requirements will result in a grade reduction. Missing mandatory course meetings may also result in removal from the course at the student's expense.

9.  Complete any pre-trip course work required by the professor.

10. Complete the Online GS-L Training Modules. The GS-L office will send out instructions in November. They must be completed before your trip leaves. Incomplete training will result in a failing grade in the course.

11. Decide on registration status: (Due December 15th)

The GS-L office sends the list of students to the registrar in the Fall semester. You will be registered according to what you chose on the application. You may change your registration status up until December 15th. Send an e-mail to the GS-L Office if you wish to change your registration status.

12. Pay attention to e-mails from GS-L! We will e-mail you about the online training, new trip details, airport transportation, missing documents, and other things that are very important for your trip! Please make sure to read them!