ATS Faculty


Full-Time Faculty

Louis Carlo

Director of Field Education

Phone: 5747
M.A, MPS, Alliance Theological Seminary; B.S. Nyack College

Julianne Cox

Associate Professor of New Testament & Director of the MDiv and MA Programs

Phone: 5719
M.Phil. Fordham University; S.T.M. Yale Divinity School; M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Toccoa Falls College

Dr. Louis DeCaro Jr.

Assistant Professor of Church History

Phone: 6174
Ph.D., M.A. New York University; M.A. Westminster Theological Seminary; B.A. Geneva College

Dr. Christopher Dost

Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Phone: 7587
Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A. The Jewish Theological Seminary; M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Western CT State Univ.

Dr. Stanley John

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

Phone: 5759
Ph.D., M.A. Asbury Theological Seminary; B.A. Northpoint Bible College

Robert Reimer

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology

Phone: 5774
D.Min. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. The King's College

Dr. Cleotha Robertson

Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Phone: 6175
Ph.D. New York University; M.S. Brooklyn College; M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; B.A. Dartmouth College

Dr. Martin Sanders

Dir.Of DMin in Christian Leadership in the Global Context

Phone: 5750
D.Min. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary; Th.M., M.Div. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A. Toccoa Falls College

Dr. Glen Shellrude

Professor of New Testament

Phone: 6173
Ph.D. University of St. Andrews; M.Div. Denver Seminary; B.A. American University of Beirut

Dr. Ronald Walborn

Vice President and Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary & the College of Bible and Christian Ministry

Phone: 5716
D.Min. Fuller Theological Seminary; M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary; B.A. Nyack College

Dr. Bryan Widbin

Professor of Old Testament

Phone: 5721
Ph.D., M.A. Brandeis University; Th.M., M.Div. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A. John Brown University

Partnering Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Wanda Walborn

Director of Spiritual Formation / Partnering Faculty •

Dr. Steven Tice

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Mike Plunket

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. David Opderbeck

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Eunny Lee

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Manohar James

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Nathan Hieb

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Kevin Gillen

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Rev. Charles Galbreath

Field Education Coordinator - NYC / Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Craig Fee

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Jeffrey Duerler

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Chuck Davis

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Shawn Craigmiles

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Onorio Chaparro

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Doug Bortner

Partnering Adjunct Faculty •

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. John Wang

Adjunct Faculty •

Rev. Kelvin Walker

Adjunct Faculty •

Mr. Joseph Terry

Adjunct Faculty •

Mr. Jeff Quinn

Vice President for College Relations / Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Robert Parker

Adjunct Faculty •

Rev. Steve Nehlsen

Adjunct Faculty •

Rev. Jose Montes

Adjunct Faculty •

Mrs. Constance Diggs

Associate Director of Academic Support / Adjunct Faculty •

Rev. Brian Davis

Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Amy Davis

Associate Professor of Bible / Adjunct Faculty •

Dr. Delafayette Awkward

Adjunct Faculty •

Mrs. Kay Apigo

Adjunct Faculty •