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Chinese Bi-Cultural &
Pastoral Ministries



Master of Divinity (Bible and Theology Track)
Chinese Studies Concentration

Chinese Pastoral Ministries 

This study emphasizes on pastoral training for North American Chinese local church leadership.

As mentioned by Dr. Philip Teng in his " 10 Characteristics of the Chinese Studies Program", the continuing growth of Chinese immigration into North America is expanding the need for pastoral ministry training within Chinese churches. The Chinese Studies Program seeks to help meet that need through this track. Experiences such as involvement with the Chinese Student Gospel Team, practical ministry experiences through local churches, and mentoring relationships with local pastors will help in the formation of future Chinese pastors for North American leadership.

Detailed course outline: Chinese Pastoral Ministries

Chinese Missions

The Chinese Missions emphasis offers courses in Biblical studies and practical ministries, a mentoring relationship with pastors and professors, and varied experiences in global missions. A partnership with its Intercultural Department at the Alliance Theological Seminary will combine the cultural distinctiveness of the Chinese church with the disciplines of western missiology. This partnership will bring a unique integration to the cross-cultural and cross-continental missions.

Chinese churches worldwide are standing at the threshold of a new century in global missions. Their potentials, opportunities, and responsibilities are enormous. The Chinese Missions emphasis is designed to prepare the next generation of Chinese leaders for this new challenge. C&MA missions has its presence in more than 50 countries. This provides unique opportunities for those who are enrolled in the Chinese Missions, and who are interested in short-term and long-term missions.

Detailed course outline: Chinese Missions

Master of Professional Studies
Chinese Studies Concentration

This MPS Program is a 48 credit curriculum designed to prepare people for leadership in a variety of ministry situations. The program provides training in Bible, theology, and church ministry.

Detailed course outline: Chinese Ministries