MA in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins


The M.A. is a 36-credit (48 with 12 credits of Modern Hebrew) multidisciplinary curriculum that introduces the student to the fields of knowledge necessary for advanced research in New Testament and Christian Origins.  The program is unique in that it engages aspects of language, history, religious thought and material culture for both Judaism and Christianity in late antiquity.  Students will study with both Christian and Jewish scholars in their areas of expertise.

At the center of the Christian faith is the belief that God has acted in history.  For this reason the elements of language, culture, history, and physical setting, which frame the Gospel’s sacred narrative, are important for a more profound understanding of what has been accomplished on our behalf.  Students in Nyack’s Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins MA program are challenged in heart and mind to engage the world of the Bible, and so to hear more clearly the message of Scripture.  No other academic program affords students  such a rich opportunity to study Jesus and the world in which he lived.