Business Internship Program Testimonials

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Thursday April 7, 2016

I’m Elyanna Rivas graduating in May 2016, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

Nyack College’s Intern Program with Bud DiFluri and his team is an outstanding career development program provided by Nyack College. As a member of the program I have been privileged with countless internship opportunities that were provided by Bud DiFluri. We are constantly updated and notified about any exciting and new internships from highly reputable companies like H&M, Northwestern Mutual, HBO, JP Morgan, and more! There are profound opportunities with resume building companies for any major! Bud DiFluri and his team does an excellent job in connecting you with the right opportunity and continues to mentor and walk alongside of you through your personal journey of career exploration. Having an internship is an incredible way to establish a successful life and get ahead of the game through networking and making valuable contacts that can potentially turn into a full time career, learning and having the exposure of different industries, growing confidence within yourself and career skills, and most importantly taking the vital steps to create your own success story. Begin writing your success story with Bud DiFluri!


My Internship-a Real Life Experience!
As a senior I opted to do a market research internship to compliment my marketing concentration. Real-life experience in my degree's field helped me decide what to do after graduation in an informed fashion that I could not have done otherwise. Thank you, Nyack College, for making a business internship possible!  - Pam Code

"From Sea to Shining Sea"

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Thursday November 5, 2015


As a student at Nyack College you have seen and experienced our metropolitan and adjacent geographic areas—that’s very  good!

But – – – as you begin to discover and think about the huge world out there (much of which you possibly have not yet seen or experienced), you might want to consider some new geographic areas which could  bring you exciting, novel, and learning  internship experiences.

Our Nyack College internship program not only provides you with many tri-state area opportunities for internships, but we are now pleased to provide you with “leads” and opportunities throughout  our country-- “North to South, East to West” (for example: Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Florida, California-----and even England!!).

Maybe the opportunity to experience some of those “far-flung” areas is not within the current possibility of your travel, educational or potential business experience – – – but to be aware of them is the first step in broadening your career horizons, providing  possibilities for your growth as  a human being!

Additionally, traveling to new areas can provide you with opportunities to “tell your story” to the uninitiated!

So – – consider it as a part of your future -– The possibilities are endless!!

Bud DiFluri

Intern Coordinator, Business Department, Nyack College, Nyack New York,10960

Office: 40 Price Dr., Watchung, NJ 07069-6163; Telephone – 908 –753-5261;

Email:; :   Skype: Nyack intern

Congratulations MSOL & MBA Class of 2015!

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Tuesday May 12, 2015

Congratulations to the MSOL & MBA Programs Class of 2015


Nyack College 2015 Mid-Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Tuesday April 28, 2015

Congratulations on Nyack College for winning 2nd place at the 2015 Mid-Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition! The Competition was held on April 10, 2015 at Marist College.

IT'S ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW : Blog by Jennifer Cook (Business Major)

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Wednesday March 18, 2015

by Jennifer Cook

“In business, it’s all about who you know.”

These were words I heard early on in my freshman year at Nyack College, said by professors and students alike. These words are somewhat said in jest, yet they are so very true.

Now in my junior year, these words are more important to me than ever. Junior year means that senior year is fast approaching, and it’s time to get serious about job searching, resume building, and working toward a career. All of these responsibilities can seem daunting. Sending out resumes to faceless corporations can seem hopeless, and it’s easy to feel ill-equipped and unsure about every step. This is when connections are more valuable than ever. Having a contact to touch base with to get the ball rolling can make the process of job searching seem manageable. Sending a resume to a company where the recruitment officer is known to you makes it more personal and within reach. And possibly most important, meeting with an internship advisor can be the most valuable asset to your professional presence.

Fortunately for all you Nyack College business students, this crucial asset is at your fingertips. Bud DiFluri is head of the Business Department Internship Program at Nyack, and perhaps one of the most valuable connections  that business students can make in their four years of college.

The process is simple: contact Bud via email (, and set up a meeting in person, by phone (908-753-5261) or through Skype (“Nyackintern”). From here on out, Bud is available to assist you in helping you prioritize and meet your career goals. In my own personal meeting with Bud, we discussed my resume, my passions, and short-term goals. He prepared me for interviews by giving me feedback on my professional presence in person and on paper.

This meeting not only gave me priceless guidance and knowledge, but also a confidence in myself that I have taken into job interviews. Making a connection with Bud has motivated me to make other professional connections and take advantage of opportunities that come my way. Since meeting with Bud, I have had two job interviews for this summer and look forward to another one soon.

As I pursue my business classes at Nyack, I am now the upperclassman who preaches what my experiences have taught me:  “In business, it’s all about who you know.”