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ATS Missions Retreat at Mount Crescent House

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Wednesday March 8, 2017

Community was the theme of a retreat held recently at Mount Crescent House in Norwich, CT for Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) students along with the ATS International Workers in Residence from North Africa.

Romans 12 was implicit in the storytelling that was shared by each participant. “We wanted to take time and remember our stories, the stories that are being written by God and told through us because stories remind us of God's love, grace and redemption in our lives,” says Kristi Moua, program coordinator for the Alliance Graduate School of Missions department at the seminary. A 2016 ATS alumna of the M.Div. program, she explains, “As a result of sharing our stories, we are inviting each other into one another's lives, where we can authentically walk with each other. We wanted to remember a community of love, healing, forgiveness, acceptance, truth, and grace. And it doesn't stop at the end of the retreat, but we will continue to do this in our daily lives with old and new communities we encounter with the Lord.”

The retreat is held once each semester at a variety of locations from year to year and is announced to students in class, in chapel and via promotional flyers.


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