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2013 Teacher Certification Fees for School of Education Students

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Friday October 4, 2013

2013 Teacher Certification Fees for School of Education Students

There are several fees and expenses that all education students pursuing teacher certification should expect to pay in order to complete both certification and graduation requirements. These fees are listed below in order to assist students in financial planning.




Out-of-pocket Expenses

Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST)


Educating All Students Test (EAS)


Content Specialty Test (CST) [within each applicable certification area]







Health certificate for TB

$100 or per physician fee


As needed

Course Fees (found on student bill)

LiveText Student Membership


Cooperating Teacher  for Senior Seminar


Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)







Two competencies: 1) Reading, and 2) Writing to Sources that should be completed in 150 minutes.

The reading comprehension tasks are multiple‐choice and only 40% of the exam. The other 60% is made up of three writing tasks comprised of two

20‐minute focused responses and one 60‐minute extended response.


Five competencies: 1)Diverse Student Populations, 2) English Language Learners, 3) Students with

Disabilities and Other Learning Needs, 4) Teacher Responsibilities, and 5) Home‐School Relationships to be completed in 90 minutes. Each of the first three competencies has both multiple‐choice questions and a 10‐minute constructed‐response, together comprising 82% of the examination.


Each content exam has its own competencies. The

Format is multiple‐choice questions and one 60‐minute constructed response. The selected-response times count for 80% of the total test score; the constructed-response item counts for 20% of the total test score.

For a more complete description of each certification exam, visit or the Nyack College School of Education website at


The International Educator Website Provides Opportunities and Resources for Interested Teacher Candidates

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Thursday August 29, 2013

The International Educator (TIE) has a very resourceful website for teachers and teacher candidates to find international employment, access resources, learn about advanced degrees and career development, participate in message boards, and read articles and reflections on the field of education in the international realm.

From the website: “The International Educator (TIE) is a non-profit organization committed to matching the best educators with the best international schools around the world. For more than 25 years, TIE has been the most comprehensive service for securing a job overseas. TIE is the marketplace for international education by providing the venue where schools can find exceptional candidates, and teachers can find exceptional jobs. Let TIE be your path to an international school career!”

Interested educators can open an account for job seeking, posting resumes, and subscribing to articles and resources by visiting TIE Online: The Marketplace for International Education at


Summer Update on State Certification Tests for Graduate Students

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Tuesday July 2, 2013

Summer Update on State Certification Tests for Graduate Students

Please keep in mind that the certification exams for New York State change this Fall.  You will need to prepare yourself for the costs and dates.  There are still many unknowns, but what we do know is available on the test provider's website (  Some of the highlights have been reprinted here, along with their implications for you.

Please read everything carefully.


Important Announcement About Paper-Based Testing for Some NYSTCE Tests

Posted June 6th on the NYSTCE website:

"Effective September 1, 2013, the following NYSTCE tests will be offered only on computer at Pearson computer-based testing centers. They will no longer be offered at paper-based administrations. The last paper-based administration for these tests will be July 20, 2013. See "Test Dates" for information about registration deadlines. To find a Pearson computer-based testing center near you, go to .

  • Multi-Subject CST
  • Students with Disabilities CST"

Keep in mind that the computer-based testing is more convenient but also more expensive (Details: The ESOL CST exam will remain paper-based for now.


2013–2014 Test Dates

2013-2014 test registration has not opened yet, but now is the time to prepare.  Please note that passing scores on certification exams are required before admission to Internship/Student Teaching.  For those of you looking to complete Internship/Student Teaching in Spring 2014:

  • All Spring 2014 Interns must be prepared to register by September 13th for both the new Academic Literacy Skills Test and Educating All Students Tests, since that is the paper-based test registration deadline.  There may or may not be a computer-based option for either test--that level of registration information has not yet been released on the new tests.  The new edTPA based in Internship/Student Teaching is estimated to be $300, so please plan for that too. 
  • Spring 2014 TESOL Interns: the only paper-based test administration in the Fall for the ESOL CST requires registration by September 13th.   
  • Spring 2014 Childhood Ed/Special Ed Interns: the computer-based CST(s) must registered for by September as well so passing test scores are received in a timely fashion.

Those of you in the Additional Certification programs should only need to take the CST(s) for State certification.  You will be constructing the edTPA during Practicum as a College culminating project but will not need to officially submit it for certification purposes, as it is an initial certification requirement.  Take the CST(s) near the end of your final semester/Practicum so you are best prepared.


Spring 2013 Master of Science in Special Education Hooding

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Thursday May 30, 2013

The School of Education celebrated its annual Master of Science in Special Education Hooding on Friday, May 10, 2013 with graduating students receiving their hoods from education faculty. The 2013 MSE class is Eleisha Dickson, Mark Goracy, Arleen Gutierrez, Aimee Jimenez, Shatia Lindsay, Amisadai Martinez, Keyla Nunez, Johanna Rodriguez, Shoshana Rosenberg, Katherine Shinners, and Jamila Williams.

Dr. Christine Buel, Director of the Master of Science program, and Dr. David Turk, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, shared warm words of welcome to students, faculty, parents, and other guests.

Special speaker for the ceremony was Mr. Ethan Smith, a sixth grade math teacher at Nyack Middle School. Mr. Smith was a 1997 Nyack College School of Education graduate and the 1997 Apple Award winner for Student Teaching. He shared an inspirational message with the graduating class based around the scripture Proverbs 3:3-6 – “Do not let kindness and truth leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.  So you will find favor and good repute in the sight of God and man. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

Professor Kristen Luba shared the scripture readings that support the School of Education acronym SALT, which stands for Service, Academics, Leadership, Training. She emphasized that the students standing before the assembly are Nyack College’s representation of SALT.

Dr. Jim Nichols and Dr. Frank Tuzi gave the faculty’s presentation of Outstanding Student Awards to students. The award is for education students who achieve a GPA of 3.85 and above.

Students knelt before the audience to receive their hoods from Professor Nicholas Holub and Professor Kristen Luba.

Professor Christopher Beirne bestowed the blessing on the assembly.

The hooding ceremony was enhanced by a prelude, processional, special music, and recessional played on piano by student Grace Yi Jusu. Special music was Toccata in G major, BWV 916 Johann Sebastian Bach I. — (1685-1750).

Dr. Buel shares her thoughts on the event. “I was blessed to orchestrate this hooding ceremony since it was my first official graduation as the director of the M.S. Childhood program.  The ceremony was a culmination of prayers asking God to help each student negotiate the many hurdles of New York State Certification.  I am especially proud of each student when I realize the sacrifices and great effort it took to complete the program.  Although I enjoy teaching in the undergraduate program, there is something special about working with adult learners who have chosen to put many aspects of their lives on hold to go back to school. They just have such a strong drive to succeed at all costs.”

Please enjoy the photos from this celebrated event.






Eleisha Dickson, BS-MSEd Graduate, Receives Christian School Teaching Assignment

Posted by Diana.Nygard on Thursday May 30, 2013

Eleisha Dickson, graduating from Nyack College’s 5-year program in May 2013 with both a BS and MSEd in Childhood Special Education, immediately begins her first teaching assignment beginning in July in Kissimmee, Florida. Eleisha’s first post is teaching fifth grade at Southland Christian School. She starts the summer with an A Beka curriculum conference in Pensacola, Florida, the home of A Beka Book.

Eleisha, finishing with honors, shares her appreciation for her fruitful time spent in the Nyack College School of Education. “I could not have asked for better professors to challenge me, push me to set high goals, and walk alongside me every step of the way. ... It is an incredible feeling knowing both my BS and MSEd are completed and with excellence, may I add. God blessed me and I am thrilled to see how he will move this coming year. I hope to be as good of an example to my students as my education professors were to me! Because of them, I can walk into my first year teaching with confidence in my abilities and with an open heart and mind to learn from my co-workers and administrators.”

The School of Education’s 5-year program currently in place at Nyack College makes it possible for students to achieve both their Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education and Master of Science in Special Education. Completers of this program earn NYS Certification in both Childhood Education (grades 1 – 6) and Childhood Special Education (grades 1 – 6).

Eleisha describes the 5-year program with its benefits and challenges:

This is why I came to Nyack. Not many schools offer this opportunity for dual certification and a BS in one area and MSEd in another. …

This program is not easy. It is challenging, time consuming, and exhausting, but it is absolutely worth all of the work IF teaching ALL learners is the calling God has on an individual’s life and the reason why they live. That is me. Teaching is my passion. After the fourth year, all my friends graduated and I felt completely alone with one year of school left. I spent many hours wishing I was home and wanting to give up. ... [But I had professors who] constantly encouraged me to keep pressing through, while still taking time for myself and time to relax with the few friends I had left on campus.

All the good things in life are difficult, but almost always worth every bit of stress and frustration. This program is one of those excellent, yet rigorous opportunities, which should be taken advantage of by those who are committed to hard work and becoming the best teacher they can be, while growing as an individual as well, emotionally and spiritually. Every single professor in the program will push and challenge, but they will NEVER hang a student out to dry; they are always willing to help over and over and over again both academically and spiritually. This is a one of a kind program! I couldn't have asked for better! 

Eleisha assures us, “I am very excited to begin teaching and putting into practice all I learned at Nyack in the Education program. Let the journey begin!"

You may enjoy reading in more depth about the experiences and insights Eleisha shares in her blog about student teaching called Journey to the light at the end of the tunnel: Stepping into my calling.

The photo shows an eager Eleisha in the frame of her new school home Southland Christian School.


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