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Dr. Park leads fish survey for BioBlitz at the NY Botanical Gardens

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Thursday September 4, 2014

On Sept. 6-7, Dr. Peter Park, Assistant Profesor of Biology, will be involved in a "BioBlitz" event at the NY Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. During a BioBlitz, biologists intensely survey wildlife within a designated site for 24 hours. This data can then be used for a variety of research purposes.

Dr. Park will represent Nyack College as the event's Fish Taxon Leader. He will be leading groups of students to seine parts of the lakes and the Bronx River at the gardens, to identify the types of fishes inhabiting this area of the Bronx.

This year's BioBlitz is hosted by Macaulay Honors College and the NY Botanical Garden. The event will involve over 20 biologists and 400 students.

Additional info can be found here:

Student Success Serves Spring Valley Community

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday September 3, 2014

The MLK Community Center in Spring Valley New York has enjoyed a partnership with Nyack College for the past twenty years. Through college work study and service learning projects associated with the Academic Life Skills course within the Developmental Education curriculum of the Division of Student Success, Nyack College students have been instrumental in improving the MLK after-school programming. 
Successful Service Learning projects include "Integration of hand held games as education tools"(2008) Implementation of character education-based education as a conflict resolution tool among middle school youth (2010); Promoting healthy snacks through vegetable gardening (2011)  Examining racial and cultural messages experienced by youth and their impact on acculturative stress; 2014 (Sponsored research of Cynthia Raines, PhD Candidate instructor/HEOP advisor Rockland campus).
The Martin Luther King Center serves 50 children in a diverse low income area of Spring Valley, New York.

Communications Senior Contributes to NyackNewsAndViews

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Wednesday September 3, 2014

For the last year, Communications Senior Jeremy Fuscaldo has been an occasional contributor to the local online news source, NyackNewsAndViews. A talented cartoonist and comic artist, Jeremy has illustrated stories on topics from global warming to flash mobs to Father’s Day. “I love telling stories through sequential art,” said Jeremy when he was recently profiled in NyackNewsAndViews. “Once school is out, I intend to revive some old projects and try to get started on developing ideas for graphic novels and comics.” Jeremy took a bold step toward his dream of being a professional comic artist when he landed a summer internship at Valiant Comics this summer.

Click here to read an article that Jeremy penned about his experience at Valiant:

Click here to see his work with the news outlet:

To see more work from Jeremy:


Special thanks to Bill Batson, Nyack Sketch Log author and artists at NyackNewsAndViews, who wrote the above piece.

For more information on Bill Batson:

Dr. Washington Publishes Case Study

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Tuesday September 2, 2014

A case study on a genetic disorder commonly found in the Amish and based on a true story was written by Dr. Jacqueline Washington, Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences, was recently published in the book "Science Stories You Can Count On: 51 Case Studies With Quantitative Reasoning in Biology.” The case study also includes detailed teacher preparation notes and answer key.

“Using real stories with quantitative reasoning skills enmeshed in the story line is a powerful and logical way to teach biology and show its relevance to the lives of future citizens, regardless of whether they are science specialists or laypeople.”
—from the “Introduction” to Science Stories You Can Count On.

This book can make you a marvel of classroom multitasking. First, it helps you achieve a serious goal: to blend 12 areas of general biology with quantitative reasoning in ways that will make your students better at evaluating product claims and news reports. Second, its 51 case studies are a great way to get students engaged in science. Who wouldn’t be glad to skip the lecture and instead delve into investigating cases with titles like these: 

  • "A Can of Bull? Do Energy Drinks Really Provide a Source of Energy?” 
  • “ELVIS Meltdown! Microbiology Concepts of Culture, Growth, and Metabolism” 

The book helps to promote scientific and data literacy in ways to prepare students to reason quantitatively and, as the authors write, “to be astute enough to demand to see the evidence.”

For more information on the text:

Arts & Sciences Welcomes and Celebrates Student Success

Posted by Fernando.Arzola on Thursday August 28, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Division of Student Success will now join the College of Arts and Sciences!

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide students with a liberal arts education which will serve as a foundation for the pursuit of lifelong learning, ethical living, and a successful career. The fundamental goal of the Division of Student Success is to help students identify their strengths and point them in the direction for success.

Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr., Dean of Arts & Sciences and Dr. Gwen Parker Ames, Associate Dean of the Division of Student Success are excited about this partnership as they believe it will help to enhance our academic support services to the Nyack College students.

HEOP Update

The Division of Student Success was able to obtain for Nyack College a five year HEOP (2014-2019) grant for the Rockland campus in June. The Rockland campus will welcome 25 HEOP first year students this fall. The new allocation will boast the total number of HEOP students at Rockland to 62.

In addition the New York City campus was also awarded HEOP funding for (2014-2019). Nyack College was the only HEOP participating college within the state of New York to receive additional funding for another campus site.

Highlights of the HEOP funding for 2014-2019 include

Math Success Initiative that will encourage complete math remediation by beginning of HEOP student second college year; to provide professional tutoring and departmental networking with college faculty to ensure success in required college level math courses. Deborah Spivey, Lecturer in Developmental Education, will lead this initiative.

Allocation of funds to support research partnerships between faculty and HEOP students in an effort to encourage strong research skills and graduate school admissions as well as preparation for the world of work. This initiative will be executed through partnership with Dr. Vilma Balmeceda, Director of the Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement.

Developmental Education Teaching Faculty for 2014-2015

Deborah Spivey, Foundations of Algebra (NYC & Rockland)

James Carrington, Math Essentials (NYC)

Gina Jacob Strain, Academic Life Skills (NYC & Rockland) 

Nathaniel Perez, Academic Life Skills (Rockland)

Denise Patrick, Fundamentals of Writing, Critical Thinking (NYC)

Joan Wilkins, Foundations of Literature, Academic Life Skills (NYC & Rockland)

Joseph Matar, Fundamentals of Writing (NYC)

Hector Lino, Academic Life Skills (NYC)

Kevin Keisal, Fundamental of Writing and Intermediate Writing (Rockland)

Susie Tolaio, Critical Thinking, Foundations of Literature and Introduction to College Reading (Rockland) 

For more information of the Division of Student Success:

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