Two New York Locations

ROCKLAND: 845.358.1710
MANHATTAN: 212.625.0500





Full Personnel Listing

Dr. David Ahn

Professor of Computer Science
Phone: 4494

Amanda Aikens

Asst. Director of Athletics/Compliance Officer
Phone: 4772

Vanesa Alcantara

Adminstrative Asst. to Assoc.Dean of Students

DeVonne Allen

Lecturer in Social Work
Phone: 4536

Maria Arroyo

ATS/AGSC Financial Counselor
Phone: 6114

Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr.

Dean of College of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor of Religion
Phone: 6150

Dr. Agnia Assur

Professor of Psychology
Phone: 4535

Jeff Aumend

Head Softball Coach & Asst. Academic Accountability Program Advisor

Tiffany Austin

Director of Career Counseling
Phone: 4581

Dr. Barbara Austin-Lucas

Professor of Religious Education
Phone: 6176

Dr. Carol Awasu

Professor of Social Work
Phone: 4555

Dr. Charles Awasu

Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
Phone: 4557

Dan Bailey

Director of Admissions

Dr. Vilma Balmaceda

Director of the Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement
Phone: 4582

Dr. Charles Beach

Professor of English
Phone: 4522

Dr. Gerard Becker

Prof. of Management/Director of MBA Program
Phone: 6178

Gregory Beeman

Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 4417

Dr. Stephen Bennett

Professor of Bible
Phone: 4517

Michele Blanck

Director of Conferences & Auxiliary Services
Phone: 4501

Robert Bohn

Assistant Professor of Business
Phone: 6158

Rachel Borden

Admissions Counselor

Dr. Gordon Boronow

Assistant Professor of Business
Phone: 4498

Dr. Christine Buel

Associate Professor of Education
Phone: 4541

Kevin Buel

Director of Information Technology
Phone: 4597

Heather Butcher

Residence Director of Christie Hall
Phone: 4610

Josue Calderon

Manager, Annual Gift Programs

Marietta Calingo

Director of Accounts Payable
Phone: 4615

Melanie Caraballo-Soto

Administrative Assistant for AGSC - NYC
Phone: 6164

Louis Carlo

Director of Field Education

Dr. Luis Carlo

Associate Dean for ATS/NYC
Phone: 6171

Dr. Frank Chan

Professor of Bible
Phone: 5748

Christy Choi

Director of Eastman Library
Phone: 4437

Dr. David Chun

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: 4556

Alfredo Cid

Lecturer in Philosophy
Phone: 6157

Melverne Coates

Auxiliary Services Assoc. - NCMC
Phone: 6184

Elona Collins

Director of Learning Assistance Services
Phone: 4440

Matthew Cornacchione

Baseball Coach & Director of Athletic Facilities
Phone: 4787

Evangeline Couchey

Institutional Registrar
Phone: 4733

Renata Couto

Undergraduate Registrar

Julianne Cox

Assistant Professor of New Testament
Phone: 5719

Jason Crafton

Head Men's Basketball Coach
Phone: 4786

Beverley Crawford-Locke

Lecturer in English/Director of Writing Center
Phone: 4441

Dr. Elio Cuccaro

Professor of Bible
Phone: 4514

Andrea Cuevas

Admissions Counselor

Bonita D'Amil

Executive Assistant to the Provost
Phone: 4422

Elizabeth Dahlberg-Lee

Administrative Assistant for ATS School of Counseling
Phone: 5731

Dr. James Danaher

Professor of Philosophy
Phone: 4535

Dr. Elias Dantas

Director of International Relations
Phone: 5744

Karen Davie

Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 4608

Keith Davie

Athletic Director/Men's Soccer Coach
Phone: 4770

Dr. Amy Davis

Assistant Professor of Bible
Phone: 4515

Cari Davis

Admistrative Assistant-Division of Student Success
Phone: 4444

Dr. Louis DeCaro Jr.

Assistant Professor of Church History
Phone: 6174

Dr. Thomas Donworth

Associate Professor of Bible
Phone: 6147

Dr. Christopher Dost

Director of Online Programing, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Amber Dove

Admissions Associate

Dr. Jeffrey Dueck

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Phone: 4550

Joshua Dyke

Media Resources Coordinator
Phone: 4503

Dr. David Emanuel

Assistant Professor of Bible
Phone: 6126

Dr. Elaine Eng

Associate Professor of Mental Health
Phone: 6162

Henok Ephraim

Systems Engineer
Phone: 4485

Jessie Esposito

Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 4740

Jackie Eugene

Cash Management Asst.
Phone: 4612

Cheryl Felmlee

Library Director - ATS
Phone: 5764

Joel Fevig

Admissions Counselor
Phone: 4409

Gideon Fisher

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Amy Flavin

Assistant Professor in Psychology
Phone: 6168

Penny Foland

Athletic Trainer
Phone: 4780

Isaac Foster

Director of Student Financial Services - NCMC
Phone: 6125

Dr. Lars Frandsen

Professor of Music
Phone: 6190

Marielle Franey

Administrative Assistant to VP for Enrollment
Phone: 4414

Carol Ann Freeman

Executive Assistant to President's Office
Phone: 4794

Alejandro Galindo

Admissions Associate

Adrianne Garcia

Assistant Undergrad Registrar - NC
Phone: 4736

Bernice Garcia

Financial Aid Counselor

Heather Garcia

Administrative Assistant for Spiritual Formation
Phone: 4455

Jeffrey Garcia

Lecturer in Bible
Phone: 7748

Dr. Jonathan Gates

Professor of English
Phone: 4523

Dr. Michael Gillern

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Counseling
Phone: 5737

Dr. Antoinette Gines-Rivera

Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling
Phone: 6163

Dr. Sharron Greaves

Professor of Communications
Phone: 4492

Dr. Charles Hammond

Associate Dean of Students - NYC
Phone: 6131

Dr. Dion Harrigan

Professor of Education
Phone: 4545

Deborah Harris

Assistant Director/Student Life - NYC
Phone: 6132

Dr. Susanne Hartl

Assistant Professor of Business
Phone: 4490

Theodore Hartlett

Director of SADE Admissions

Freddy Hernandez

Admissions Associate

Melissa Hickey

Manager of Advancement Operations
Phone: 4424

Denise Hirschlein

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: 6166

Elaine Holodynsky

Senior Accountant
Phone: 4607

Jennifer Hong

Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 4738

Dr. Julia Hood-Baldomir

Asst. Prof of Organizational Management; Director of SADE Academic Programs
Phone: 4471

Dr. Inseon Hwang

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Phone: 4680

Pamela Hylton

Lecturer of Nursing

Gina Jacobs-Strain

Chair of Developmental Education
Phone: 4451

Joel Jameson

Assistant Professor of Music
Phone: 4693

Dr. Sherry Jarrett

Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: 4544

Cindy Jennings

Director of Centralized Admissions
Phone: 4410

David Jennings

Executive Vice President & Treasurer
Phone: 4616

Margaret Jennings

Communications Coordinator
Phone: 4587

Dr. Stanley John

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

Jill Johnson

Administrative Assistant for Academic Office
Phone: 4418

David Julien

Head Women's Basketball Coach/Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 4781

Dr. Leonard Kageler

Dean of the Center for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Resources
Phone: 4518

Dr. Daniel Kaluka

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Marie Kenote

Professor of Music
Phone: 4690

Dr. Dongsu Kim

Professor of Bible
Phone: 6149

Jennifer Kimble

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Phone: 6194

Nichole Knott-Craig

Director of Graduate Admissions
Phone: 6113

Melinda Kong

On Line Coordinator

Dr. Glenn Koponen

Dean of School of Music
Phone: 4691

Kevin Kriesel

DMin Program Coodinator
Phone: 5707

Dr. Maureen Kroning

Associate Professor of Nursing
Phone: 4684

Dr. Deanna Kwan

Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling
Phone: 5738

Catherine Langholff

Assistant Director, Eastman Library
Phone: 7707

Elizabeth Lee

Admissions Associate - AGSC

Jenny Lee

Auxiliary Services Asst. & Housing Coordinator
Phone: 4502

Joseph Lee

Admissions Support Specialist
Phone: 5769

Dr. Jung Hang Lee

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 4548

Dr. Jang Ki Lim

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministries
Phone: 5762

Sam Lim

Assistant Data Manager
Phone: 4486

Dr. Yili Liu

Professor of Physical Science
Phone: 6154

James Long Jr.

Lecturer in Social Work
Phone: 6120

Dr. Jo Ann Looney

Dean of School of Education
Phone: 4542

Darlene Loper

Lecturer in Communications
Phone: 4493

Jacqueline Lopez

Coordinator of Student Health Services
Phone: 4576

Dr. Mayra Lopez-Humphreys

Director of the Masters Degree in Social Work
Phone: 6169

Kristen Luba

Director of Assessment - School of Education
Phone: 4539

Dr. Marcia Lucas

Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling
Phone: 6160

Dr. Tammy Lum

Professor of Music
Phone: 4692

Dr. Elaine Lux

Professor of English
Phone: 6151

Joan Mallory

Assistant Professor of Music Education
Phone: 4689

Dr. Stephen Maret

Professor of Psychology
Phone: 6167

Amisadai Martinez

Resident Director for Simpson Hall, Bethany Hall, Harmony Hall
Phone: 4573

Serene Mathew

Testing Coordinator

Grace Mathew

Nursing Lab Coordinator
Phone: 4682

Deborah McDonald

Senior Financial Aid Officer
Phone: 4743

Bradley McDuffie

Lecturer in English
Phone: 4520

Agnes McGarrigle

Assistant Undergrad Registrar - NYC
Phone: 6116

Percelene McLain

Adm. Coordinator/Student Advisor - Social Work Dept.
Phone: 6165

Dr. Russell Mcleod

Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries
Phone: 6156

Susana Mena

Faculty Resources Coordinator
Phone: 4460

Preston Mendez

IT Technical Support

Amalia Mercado

Associate Registrar
Phone: 4585

Dr. Andrew Mercurio

Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling
Phone: 5739

Earl Miller

Executive Director of Community Relations
Phone: 4791

Dr. In Hak Moon

Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 4532

James Muckell

Associate Professor of Accounting
Phone: 4489

Dr. Elena Murphy

Assoc. Director of Advisement for Adult Programs
Phone: 4470

Steve Nehlsen

Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
Phone: 4529

Dr. James Nichols

Associate Professor of Education
Phone: 4540

Drusila Nieves

Director of Counseling Services
Phone: 4564

Alisen Nisbeth

Student Financial Aid Counselor

Rebecca Noss

Graduate Registrar
Phone: 5767

Dr. Steven Notley

Distinguished Professor of Bible
Phone: 6148

Sunya Notley

Director of Bailey Library
Phone: 4436

Autumn-Carol Nova

Administrator of the School of Music, NYC
Phone: 6188

Eric Nygard

Adm. Asst. School of Education

Dr. Lyndell O'Hara

Professor of History
Phone: 6145

Yessica Ortega

Admissions Associate

Dr. Peter Park

Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 4552

Dr. Gwendolyn Parker-Ames

Associate Dean of Academic Services
Phone: 4446

Dr. Josue Perez

Associate Professor of Theology
Phone: 7708

Nathaniel Perez

HEOP Counselor
Phone: 4444

Steven Phillips

Director of Student Financial Services

Barbara Pierce

Re-enrollment Specialist - NYC
Phone: 6111

Dr. Kevin Pinkham

Associate Professor of English
Phone: 4526

Dr. Larry Poston

Professor of Religion
Phone: 4554

Linda Poston

Dean of Library Services
Phone: 4434

Jeffrey Quinn

Vice President for College Relations
Phone: 4534

Tryphena Ramcharitar

Admissions Counselor

Lisa Ray

Admissions Associate for MBA & MSOL

Doreen Reed

Associate Director/Auxiliary Services - ATS
Phone: 5758

Cynthia Reeder

Administrative Assistant to Executive VP & Treasurer
Phone: 4616

Dr. Scott Reitz

Asst. Prof of Intercultural Studies; Director of Global Service Learning
Phone: 4528

Marilyn Reside

Assistant Registrar

Bethany Riker

Adm. Asst. School of Nursing

Julie Rivera

Associate Director of Auxiliary Services

Jonathan Rivera

Student Financial Counselor

Dr. Cleotha Robertson

Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Phone: 6175

Dr. Carol Robles

Professor of Mental Health Counseling
Phone: 5735

Daniel Rodriguez

Assoc. Director of Graduate Admissions

Dr. Brian Roland

Assistant Professor of Social Work
Phone: 7745

Dr. James Romaine

Associate Professor of Art History
Phone: 4683

Shawn Roseburgh

Testing & Tutoring Coordinator

Angela Roth

Financial Aid Counselor - ATS
Phone: 5772

Dr. Ching-Ching Ruan

Assistant Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy
Phone: 5741

Louis Sanchez

Residence Director of Moseley Hall
Phone: 4571

Miguel Sanchez

Assistant Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
Phone: 4558

Dr. Martin Sanders

Dir.Of DMin in Christian Leadership in the Global Context
Phone: 5750

Joy Santiago

Director of Student Accounts
Phone: 4742

Ricardo Santiago

Director of Database Operations
Phone: 4484

Dr. Mike Scales


Dr. Bennett Schepens

Assistant Provost. & Director of Institutional Assess.
Phone: 4543

Dona Schepens

Assistant Treasurer
Phone: 4618

Grace Schroeder

HEOP Counselor

Jennifer Scott

Administrative Assistant for the School of Music
Phone: 4688

Althea Session-Lovett

Corporate Loan Officer
Phone: 4744

Raquel Shaffer

Secretary to Athletic Dept./Volleyball Coach
Phone: 4590

Dr. Glen Shellrude

Professor of New Testament
Phone: 6173

Dr Aaron Sherwood

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Barbara Shiffer

Human Resources Assistant
Phone: 4619

Danielle Shin

Assistant Registrar
Phone: 6119

Dr. Elizabeth Simon

Dean & Professor of Nursing
Phone: 4679

Dr. Donald Skinner

Associate Professor of Mental Health Counseling
Phone: 5740

Pyai Soe

Assistant Registrar
Phone: 6119

Cornelius Spitzer

Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 4614

Deborah Spivey

Lecturer in Developmental Education
Phone: 7737

Dr. Lisa Steiner

Assistant Professor of Mental Health Counseling; Director of Online Mental Health Counseling Program
Phone: 6112

LeeAnn Strecker

Administrative Asst. to Dean of ATS
Phone: 5716

Laura Summerhill

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Giselle Swann

Administrative Assistant to Dean for School of Business
Phone: 4481

Dr. Elizabeth Swanson

Assistant Professor of Music
Phone: 6189

Dr. Dana Talley

Professor of Music
Phone: 6187

Dr. Sue Talley

Professor of Music
Phone: 6186

Rexi Thomas

Asst. Professor of Nursing

Dr. David Turk

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Phone: 4422

Cheryl Turman

Director of Compass Services
Phone: 4449

Dr. Frank Tuzi

Professor of Language & Linguistics
Phone: 4549

Dr. Anita Underwood

Dean of School of Business & Leadership
Phone: 4476

Andres Valenzuela

Assistant to the EVP for Communications, Planning & Reporting

Dr. Carlos Velez

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministries
Phone: 6155

Miriam Velez

Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: 6127

Wanda Velez

Associate Dean of Students
Phone: 4573

Erica Videc

Manager of Advancement & Alumni Services
Phone: 4426

Christina Vue

Admissions Support Specialist

Dr. Ronald Walborn

Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary
Phone: 5716

Dr. Wanda Walborn

Director/Spiritual Formation
Phone: 4457

Deborah Walker

Director of Publications & Media Relations
Phone: 4430

Dr. Steven Ware

Professor of Historical Theology
Phone: 6153

Christine Warrington

Lecturer in English
Phone: 6152

Dr. Jacqueline Washington

Professor of Biology
Phone: 4530

Millicent Waterman

Assistant Professor of Academic Development
Phone: 6139

Joshua Way

Phone: 4416

Dr. David Weir

Professor of History
Phone: 4524

Dr. Marie White

Associate Professor of Education
Phone: 6129

Dr. Bryan Widbin

Professor of Old Testament
Phone: 5721

Julian Williams

Associate Director of Admissions

Mick Williams

Reference Services & Serials Librarian - Bailey Library
Phone: 4435

Joseph Williams

Admissions Associate

Carol Wilmot

Administrative Assistant for NYC School of Education

Dr. Jack Wiltshire

Professor of Psychology
Phone: 4553

Dr. Andrzej Wlodarczyk

Professor of Business
Phone: 6181

Mitchell Woodford

Admissions Counselor

Jodel Wright

Tutor/Women's Soccer Coach

Jamila Wright

Associate Registrar, School of Adult & Distance Education
Phone: 4727

Dr. Wenbo Yan

Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 6182

Yee Yang

Admissions Counselor
Phone: 4406

Loida Yela

Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 6124

Dr. Keyone Kale Yu

Assistant Professor of History
Phone: 4521

Dr. Kwi-Ryung Yun

Associate Dean of the School of Social Work
Phone: 6170


(Year indicates appointment to faculty)

Thomas P. Bailey, President Emeritus. Professor of History & Religion. Diploma, The Missionary Training Institute; B.A., Taylor University; M.A., M.Phil., Columbia University; L.L.D., Taylor University; Post-Graduate Work, Columbia University. 1947.

Rexford A. Boda, President Emeritus. B.S., Cornell University, Nyack College; M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary; M.S., State University of New York at Cortland; Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary. 1988

William V. Crockett, Professor Emeritus of New Testament (Rockland Campus),B.A., University of Winnipeg; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Glasgow.  1980.

Janet L. Dale, Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (Rockland Campus),.  B.A., Columbia International University; M.A., Wheaton College Graduate School; Doctoral Studies, Columbia University Teachers College; Ph.D., University of Denver. 1995.

David A. Denyer, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Archaeology.  B.A., Simpson College; B.A., Wheaton College; M.Div., Golden Gate Seminary; Ph.D., Southern Baptist Seminary.  23 years ATS professor. 

David Diehl, Professor Emeritus of Religion. B.S., Carson-Newman College; B.D., Faith Theological Seminary; Th.M., Westminster Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Harford Seminary Foundation. 1989

Richard O. Eldred, Professor Emeritus of History. B.A., Shelton College; M.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University. 1965.

John D. Ellenberger, Professor Emeritus of Missiology and Anthropology. D.Miss.  1987.

Ralph G. Ellenberger, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology & Sociology. B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., University of Chicago. 1964-67, 1973.

Edith A. Everson, Professor Emeritus of English Literature. B.A., Rutgers University; M.A., Ph.D., Temple University. 1984.

Barbara Graymont, Professor Emeritus of History. B.A., University of Maryland; B.D., Howard University Divinity School; M.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Columbia University. 1965.

Marion B. Howe, Professor Emeritus of Music. S.M.B., The Missionary Training Institute; M.M., Boston University. 1948.

David K. Huttar, Professor Emeritus of Bible and Greek. B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University. 1962.

John McGarrity, Professor Emeritus of Organizational Leadership. A.B., Syracuse University; M.S., Pace University. 1991.

Donal E. Nilsson, Professor Emeritus of Bible. B.A., Wheaton College; M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. 1967.

Eleanor Pease, Professor Emeritus of TESOL. Ph.D. 1995.

Richard B. Pease, Professor Emeritus of Missiology. B.S., Nyack College; M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Th.M, D.Miss., Fuller Theological Seminary.  1995.

David A. Pletincks, Dean Emeritus of Students. B.S., Nyack College; M.A., New York University. 1983.

David L. Rambo, President Emeritus; Professor of Missiology. B.S., Nyack College; M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Divinity School; M.A., Fuller Seminary School of World Missions; Ph.D., New York University.

Ronald W. Ruegsegger, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy. B.A., Westmont College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Toronto. 1977.

David E. Schroeder, President Emeritus; Professor of Bible and Philosophy. B.A., Nyack College; M.A., Manhattanville College; S.T.M., New York Theological Seminary; Ed.D., New York University.

Harold P. Shelly, Professor Emeritus of Church History and Religion. B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Lehigh University; Ph.D., Temple University.

Joyce M. Simons, Dean Emeritus of Academic Support. B.S., Cornell University; M.A., Ed.M., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University. 1995.

Philip C. H. Teng, Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Ministry.  B.A., National Northwestern University of China; B.D., Edinburgh University; L.L.D., Nyack College.

Tite Tienou, Professor Emeritus of Missiology. PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary.

Eldon G. Woodcock, Professor Emeritus of Bible. B.A., Swarthmore; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Duke University. 1970