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MBA: Online Program

Online Program Overview

The Nyack College MBA Online Program affords the learner with an opportunity to complete the MBA journey within a sixteen month time frame and in a totally virtual environment.  The requirements, courses, sequence and duration of both the courses and overall program are consistent with the onsite program.  The key difference is the flexibility it affords the learner by allowing them to participate online during each week of the course.
In lieu of participating in the physical classroom onsite, the learner is expected to:
  • Complete each reading assignment;
  • Listen to or review weekly lecture materials;
  • Complete assignments;
  • Contribute to the weekly online discussion forums in an asynchronous mode:
    • Questions will be facilitated by the professor and all students are expected to provide high quality written discussion postings; 
    • Students are encouraged to respond to other student’s written discussion posts;
    • There are usually three discussion forums each week, in each course, and students are expected to post initially by a specific day in the week and then make two other posting contributions on two other days during the week to either follow-on questions by the professor, or in response to other student posts;
  • Participate in live synchronous sessions hosted by the professor to review weekly material, answer questions, or further discussions that are underway in the asynchronous discussion forums.
Each course is five weeks in duration (except the three required seminars which are one week in duration), and each online week commences on Tuesday at 12:01am ET and concludes the following Monday at 11:59pm ET.  A key requirement is that the learner has consistent access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection, and proficiency in Microsoft Office (i.e. Word, Power Point and Excel), as many of these are required for the completion of assignments.  All requirements detailed in the MBA Program that are being offered onsite, are consistent with those required in the online program.  
Our program is clearly focused on Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship, understanding that entrepreneurship is not only about “new” ventures, but about creativity and innovation for new ventures or existing organizations.  Our well defined capstone process and project allow the student to apply their learning for a meaningful creation of a viable and real business plan.  Each student is afforded an individual advisor to guide them with their capstone project.  
As a Christian college, we are not apologetic about our Christian principles, as they serve as a guide post for everything that we do.

Technical Requirements

• Consistent access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection
• Ability to run Flash Players
• Ability to send/receive e-mails and e-mail attachments
• Ability to download files
• Ability to conduct research via the internet
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office (i.e. Word, Power Point, Excel)