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History Department

Bachelor of Arts in History

History offers a perspective on life and an opportunity to view our world in a socially responsible manner. Through the study of world history, we achieve a clearer perspective and a deeper respect for people of diverse cultures, religions, and political ideals. Through an in-depth study of history, we learn to view particular events in relation to previous and concurrent events; to examine the causes and effects (both short-term and long-term); to comprehend events in relation to what influenced them; and to evaluate the significance of the individuals and groups involved. We ask questions such as following: To what extent do the themes of the past and the present influence the course of our lives, both as individuals and as a part of a community? How does our knowledge of past and contemporary events translate into a local and global response for social justice?

Why Study History at Nyack?

At Nyack College, a student majoring in history will learn not only the global scope of history from the ancient world to the present, but the history of Christianity as well. We will seek to understand the impact of the Christian faith on events, movements, and people throughout history.

What Will I Study?

History majors have a wide ranging choice of topics to form their program of study. All students will take basic courses such as Introduction to Historical Research and two courses each in the American and Non-Western sequences. Each student is then able to build the remaining sections of his or her program from courses in American, Non-Western, or European selections as well as those in Christian history, women’s history, and the History of New York City (one of our most popular courses).

Career Opportunities

Nyack’s history major is designed for those seeking the enrichment found in the discipline of history and the preparation needed for the pursuit of a broad range of career and educational goals. The study of history develops and hones various skills essential to a full life, such as trained, rational thought, clear expression, and cultural respect and appreciation. Students graduating with a history degree will find many opportunities for advanced study and careers in history, political science, law, education, business, journalism, and ministry.

Our Graduates

Graduates from Nyack’s history program have found careers in various venues, including teaching in high schools and colleges, working for Homeland Security, becoming a museum curator, and working for international Christian organizations. In addition, many of Nyack’s history majors continue their academic careers at graduate schools across the nation.

Key Faculty
  • Dr. David Weir

  • Dr. Lyndell O’Hara


“I chose history as a major because it is one of the most diverse subjects. From religion to languages and all forms of the human endeavor, there is a sense of excitement in discovering something new and being able to connect with the past in a way that enriches my life. My knowledge of history gives me a greater appreciation of who we are as a people and the freedoms we have in life.” Kristin Saez, Class of 2018