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Organizational Management (BS/BPS)

Organizational Management (BS/BPS)

Requiring 120 credits for completion, students may enter into the Organizational Management Program (OM) with as little as 60 credits.  The OM degree completion program is customized to fit each student's needs, an individualized degree plan is created based upon your transfer credits. The OM core courses meet one night a week for 16 months (three semesters) and are conducted in a cohort model.  The Bachelor of Science in OM requires more liberal arts credits than the Bachelor of Professional Studies in OM, but has the same core curriculum.

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RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Applicants are required to complete 124 credits to earn the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing: 30 credits of professional nursing courses, 34 credits of liberal art courses, 30 credits of math and science courses, and 30 nursing credits transferred for RNs with diploma or associated degree. The professional nursing courses meet one day a week for 20 months and are conducted in a cohort model. Two nursing courses will be offered in each semester (fall, spring, summer). Each course will be delivered in class with an online course companion that includes discussion and supplemental materials. The program includes a capstone project along with 45 hours of global perspective practicum. Global service learning opportunities are available.

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BS Church Management Degree

The Church Management degree, built upon the cohort model, enables students to enter the program with as little as 60 transfer credits. Prior learning experience is taken into consideration. The Church Management degree prepares students to take active roles of support in the local church and non-profits and is an excellent path toward seminary and ministry. Classes meet one night per week for 16 months (three terms) and are conducted in a cohort model. The Church Management degree requires 120 credits for completion.

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BS Interdisciplinary Studies Degree — Personalized Degree Program

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree offers students the opportunity to study specially designed areas that integrate two academic disciplines. The program provides students with liberal arts based, cross-disciplinary programs which critically draw upon two disciplines fostering interdisciplinary thinking and engaging interdisciplinary research. The degree integrates one discipline from the arts and sciences with a professionally oriented discipline. Concentrations include Biblical and Theological Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Psychology, Social Work and Business Administration and are structured as of a series of related studies building on each other and forming a coherent whole.

Program staff work individually with students to design a program that gives credit through Assessment of Prior Learning Experience, examinations such as CLEP and DANTE's, and the College's generous transfer policies. Student and faculty collaborate to create a program that reflects each student’s field of interest and aligns with the college’s offerings and objectives. In planning their general learning, students have an opportunity to explore new areas, add breadth to their degree programs and develop new competencies, which enhance their overall education. 

The Interdisciplinary Studies Degree is offered in an independent study format under direct supervision of faculty and advisement and 120 credits are required for completion.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

The mission of the MSOL is to educate adult students with a values-based leadership studies program. Composed of 33 credits, 10 courses, 3 thesis seminar classes, and an action research thesis, it takes 12-months to complete this program.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Nyack’s MBA program is designed specifically for students who wish to work full time while earning their degree. Composed of 42 credits including an entrepreneurial capstone project, a student can finish in as little as 16 months.

Available MBA Concentrations:

  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting

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