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Adult Education Goals and Structure

The goal of Adult Education at Nyack College is to serve the adult learner in a manner that considers adult learning styles, competing obligations of the adult learner, and their future goals.

The structure of the Adult Education at Nyack College involves seminar-style classes, held online or in convenient four hour sessions once a week, allowing small, cohesive learning groups to remain intact during the core programs. The curriculum is relevant, competency-based and modular. Adult program courses emphasize communication skills, interpersonal skills, organizational behavior and problem solving through a cooperative, rather than a competitive, classroom environment.

We invite you to explore the Adult programs at Nyack College; whether you are looking to advance your career, continue toward a graduate degree, or meet a personal goal, Nyack has the program to meet your specific needs as an adult learner.


Adult Degrees Alumni Testimonials

Michael O’Halloran, Cohort 403

Michael O’Halloran - Nyack College Adult Education AlumniIn addition to working at the MTA, I have a wife and family and was looking to finally earn my bachelor’s degree, a goal that I started and abandoned 30 years earlier. I saw the Nyack College advertisement describing its accelerated degree program and decided to look into it; from that point on, everything fell into place.

Everything about the program is predicated on making a college degree accessible for the working adult, from the cohort style learning environment to the weekly classes to the transfer credits available for work experience. The course material is challenging and the academic standards are high. The professors held me accountable and kept me motivated. My primary professor guided me through the process, never allowing me to slack off and coast. She made herself available 24/7, and I will be forever grateful to her for bringing out the best in me.


Sylvia Brabham, Cohort 432

Sylvia Brabham - Nyack College Adult Education AlumniI had no idea when I returned to college to obtain my associate’s degree that it would also be possible to obtain a bachelor’s degree. I read a notice stating that Nyack was offering an Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program in Organizational Management. At my daughter’s insistence, I decided to investigate further and was pleasantly surprised at the possibilities.

Nyack instructors informed me that we were a team and the word “impossibility” was to be eliminated from our vocabulary. With my instructors' expertise and motivation I was able to learn and become a better leader, organizer, decision maker, and communicator. I am an improved person as a result of my education with Nyack College and would recommend the program to anyone who is seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree.


Raymond Whitfield, Cohort 432

Raymond Whitfield - Nyack College Adult Education AlumniI am a Maintenance Level II Supervisor at the New York City Transit and a 2009 graduate of Nyack College. The program, course outline, and dynamic instructors gave me the tools needed to excel in and out of the work place. The program has educated and introduced me to newly updated forms of managing home, business and social surroundings.

The instructors were very knowledgeable and creative in providing a profound systematic way of delivering the course material for ease of understanding. I am currently in the beginning phase of writing a book. Thanks to Nyack along with the motivation and leadership of my instructors, I am able to reach for and accept challenges that were unattainable to this point. I highly recommend this excellent program to all MTA employees looking to further their education and knowledge.


Anacleta Holguin, Cohort 432

Anacleta Holguin - Nyack College Adult Education AlumniIt has always been my dream to finish my college degree. I realized after speaking to a friend and co-worker that I could achieve this goal through Nyack College. The Nyack staff and instructors worked with me to identify the credits I could transfer, and how I could make up the remainder of the credits needed to complete my bachelor's degree.

Attending class once a week was challenging because my children and four grandchildren needed me; however, I was able to achieve my goal because of the mentoring of the instructors, and the flexibility of the classes. I am grateful to the instructors and staff at Nyack for turning me into a good organizational manager. I now carry out what I have learned through all aspects of my life. I would recommend this program; it is definitely worth the investment.


Jonathan Halvey, Cohort 432

Jonathan Halvey - Nyack College Adult Education Alumni
While I still have some credits to make up in order to complete the program, I believe this program has already helped me. I became frustrated after my first four promotions since I was stuck at my previous level for almost ten years; I used several techniques that I learned at Nyack during the interview process. I emphasized team building, improved business communications, and analytic problem solving during my interview. I spoke of the cohort philosophy, and how it would apply to management. As a result, this past December I was once again promoted. 

After being forced to drop out several times in the past, the program made it possible for me to finally complete my degree. When I am finished, I will feel extremely satisfied and proud.


Milagros Alston, Cohort 464

Milagros Alston - Nyack College Adult Education AlumniWhile attending classes in the Organization Management Program at Nyack College, I learned ways to assess my strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, values and interests. I learned many strategies for creative problem-solving and the importance of critical thinking in decision making. This program taught me how important it is to be a strong leader as well as a good team player. I understand now that these skills are important in order for an organization to be successful. The professors taught me to focus on my job search and how to set my goals; I am extremely grateful to Nyack College. Nyack instilled in me that it is never too late to continue your education.


Darren G. Booker, Cohort 464

Darren G. Booker - Nyack College Adult Education AlumniMy journey to earn a bachelor’s degree started almost 25 years ago. I started my career in Transit, got married, raised three children and attended various schools or seminars, but never lost the desire to earn my degree. Nyack College first caught my attention in 2006 through a radio advertisement, and that same year, I attended an information session. However, I did not enroll then; but in 2009, I decided it was time. I enrolled provisionally with 55 credits and had to reach 60 credits within the first 8 weeks to enroll in semester I; it appeared to be an impossible task. With the guidance and wisdom of Nyack's staff and a lot of hard work, I was able to reach 61 credits and there was no turning back. 

Cohort 464 is a family unit. We study together, disagree with each other and celebrate our achievements together. The professors are not only knowledgeable, but wise. They go the extra mile and are always available for guidance, by phone, e-mail, fax, and sometimes home visits. The program moves fast and there is a lot of work. Enrolling in the program was a good and wise decision for me.