Parking at Nyack College

Note: During snow storms, pay attention to notices from Facilities, Auxiliary Services and Residence Life. The Facilities Department reserves the right to have any vehicle towed at owner’s expense, if the car is prohibiting the crew from removing snow.

Our Campus is beautiful, but parking is very limited.  Because of this, it is a Walking Campus. Having a car on Campus is a privilege, provided for students to be able to leave Campus for activities, ministry, and work or shopping.  While on Campus, cars should be parked in their designated Parking Lots at all times.

Parking is provided for Nyack College residential and commuter students, faculty, staff and visitors. Privileges are granted to individuals who present the required supporting documentation: current driver’s license, car registration and vehicle insurance


If you park in the Ocean Car Park garage on the west side of the building, please go to the Auxiliary Services Office on the 20th floor to receive a sticker for your Parking Pass Discount.

Ocean Car Park    17 Battery Place    New York, NY 10004      Tel: 212-742-1848


All Rockland and NYC Students who will be on the Rockland Campus for any reason need to register their vehicles with the Facilities Department at the beginning of every school year.

For Guidelines and Policies for Operating and Parking Vehicles on Nyack College Campus, CLICK HERE

For a Student Vehicle Registration Form, CLICK HERE

For a Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration Form, CLICK HERE

For a copy of the Nyack College Parking Map, CLICK HERE


For the safety of our College family and our visitors, we ask that all visitors obtain a Visitor Parking Pass for the day(s) they are on Campus. Please get a Visitor’s Pass at the Facilities Office, the Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) or Boon Campus Center Information Desks, or at the Admissions Office in Shuman Hall. There is no fee for Visitor Parking Passes.

Note: Department Chairs should always obtain Visitor Parking Passes for their Guest Speakers.


Parking Violation Citations are given for cars that do not display a Nyack College Parking Permit or a Visitor Parking Tag.  Citations are also issued to those who do not comply with Guidelines and Policies. The Parking Policies, as well as coinciding fines for infractions of the policies are in place to insure Campus Safety.  Representatives of different constituencies on campus, including students, make up the Parking Appeals Board. They meet regularly to review policies and infractions.  Parking privileges may be revoked for serious or repeated violations.

For A Traffic Violation Appeal Form CLICK HERE