Samara Coelho

A student's point of view...

Why did you choose Nyack?

I had my mind set on going to a Christian College that wasn't too far from home. Nyack fit the profile perfectly.

What had the biggest impact on your decision?

Nyack's diversity (both ethnic and denominational) definitely caught my eye.

What helped you adjust to college life?

My friends and family, of course. Most of all, my reliance on God. I couldn't have made it without trusting in Him.

Can you describe the classroom environment?

Most of the classes are small enough for you to have an intimate learning experience with your professors and your peers.

What has the coursework been like in your classes?

The coursework differs depending on the class and the professor, but the work is more challenging as your college experience progresses.

What do you think about the faculty, staff, and advisors?

They care tremendously about you. They help you through your academic and spiritual life. You rarely find that anywhere else.

What are the students like?

Very diverse! You will find students representing every group possible here.

Why should other students select Nyack?

They should choose Nyack for the experience. Be prepared tolearn not only from the textbooks and lectures, but also from thevoice of God speaking to you daily.

What do you like best about Nyack?

I love the fact that the professors teach about the Bible and Christian doctrines, and that they apply it to the different disciplines.