Michael - Cohort403

In addition to working at the MTA, I have a wife and family and was looking to finally earn my Bachelor's Degree, a goal that I started and abandoned 30 years earlier. I saw the Nyack College advertisement describing its accelerated degree program and decided to look into it; from that point on, everything fell into place. This was all due to the professionalism and enthusiasm of the personnel at Nyack. From the first telephone inquiry, the staff welcomed me with open arms and made everything flow smoothly for me. Everything about the program is predicated on making a college degree accessible for the working adult, from the cohort style learning environment to the weekly classes at a convenient location, to the transfer credits available for work experience. The course material is challenging and the academic standards are high; I spent long hours studying. The professors held me accountable and kept me motivated. As part of the cohort, I felt a responsibility to the other students to keep up my end of the bargain, which was to be a vital part of the team and to give all I had so that we all succeeded. My primary professor guided me through the process, never allowing me to slack off and coast. She made herself available 24/7, and I will be forever grateful to her for bringing out the best in me.