Chelsea Geyer

English major from Aurora, CO

"I am blessed with being able to be a student leader on the Haiti Solidarity Committee that coordinated Nyack College's response to the earthquake in Haiti. This gave me the opportunity to see different departments and offices within the school come together for a common cause. For me, it was especially beautiful to see Nyack as a community respond together with the Haitian students on campus. We've raised just about $3000 and aren’t finished. My heart is broken in response to what happened in Haiti and I have been blessed to be at a school that shares my heart and has responded passionately."

"I love that there is a focus on the development of the individual. If you take advantage of what is offered, and be intentional about building relationships and becoming a leader on campus, there are tons of opportunities to grow and learn a lot about who you are, God and the world around you."